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Does American Manga Sell Well in Japan? 2008/1/23 00:19
I live in the U.S. and am wondering if American mangas like Peach Fuzz sold well in Japan. Do companies like Tokyopop market them in Asia. Also if you have an American manga that's popular in your own country can you pitch it to Japanese studios?
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well 2008/1/23 12:15
I've never seen American manga-style comics translated into Japanese and sold here, which might answer the question. Some American comics (superman, batman, etc.) are and have some fans, but it seems like most Japanese people stick to Japanese comics/heros.
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Making a sucessful American Manga. 2008/3/13 09:03
Well, this subject is sort of complacated and you have to understand that usually Japanese Manga are more profetional and correctly researched than american Manga. So if your trying to sell a foolish Manga and anime in Japan trust me it's not going to work. So pretty much you will have to think and make your characters think and act like the Japanese. Because if a little Japanese Child sees a fumbbling American acting Kid that would be a bit wierd. And nothing against American Manga creators or nothin' but I have never read any manga or watched any anime that was written or created by an American. But if you use your head and think your ''Masterpiece'' out throughly (idk about my spelling) you are bound to get some really deticated fans. Don't forget ......
PATH OF THE IGA by KUNOICHI 4 and RO STUDIOS volume 1 coming out very soon!!!

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