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Kyushu or Tohoku? 2008/1/23 03:12
I will have a Japan trip in coming Oct for a week but I need some advise to decide which region I should go - Kyushu or Tohoku?

Also, any reliable website availablefor last-minute hotel booking in Japan?
by LHL  

... 2008/1/23 07:16
It depends on your personal interest and the timing of your trip (season).
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Kyushu 2008/1/23 07:26
I recommend Kyushu, because there are a lot of things you can enjoy as as per your preference.
Refer to the web-site http://www.kyushu-tourist.com
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Kyushu 2008/1/23 07:59
If I had to make the choice, I would go for Kyushu. The weather should be better there in October and I think there are a lot more interesting places to visit.
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... 2008/1/23 13:22
I have been to both regions, just came back from Tohoku North.
Both regions are as attractive. One of the main attractions in Kyushu is perhaps the city of Nagasaki and its warmer weather in the region even in the winter. Tohoku is very rural. Winter wonderland with plenty of snow to see from the train journey.
I prefer Tohoku more than Nagasaki in the autumn and winter.
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.....Thanks ALL 2008/1/24 02:34
But is it possible to get around Kyushu in 4 days or longer? Of course, I will spend 1 day in Beppu for ahot spring bath. And, should I buy a JR Rail Pass to cover the travelling cost between Osaka and Kyushu?
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JR Rail Pass 2008/1/24 02:53
The cost of a return trip from Shin Osaka to Beppu, including Shinkansen, would be 30,000+ Yen, so a 7 Day JR Rail Pass would be worthwhile. As to what you can do in the time you have, really, only you can determine that. In 4 days I have done Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, Saga, Kokura and Hakata.
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Name of Places in pictures 2008/1/27 10:52
while I am reading this forum with questions & answers on various subjects, I realized that from time to time there are very nice pictures of places pop up at the left hand side corner.. It would be nice if NAMES of these places are indicated as well.. It could be a good guide in planning a next trip..
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... 2008/1/27 11:33
amanda, if you click on the picture, you will get a larger version of the same picture with a caption. The caption usually indicates where the images was taken.
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another question 2008/1/28 02:22
Just wondering if JR Rail pass covers all benefits of JR Kyushu Rail Pass as well. And, can I get board at no charge to Tsubame when I have a JR Rail pass?

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JR Kyushu Rail Pass 2008/1/28 02:52
The JR Rail Pass has a small advantage over the JR Kyushu Rail Pass in as much as you can use the Shinkansen service (except Nozomi) between Hakata andKitakyushu, and beyond.

Both passes will allow you to use Tsubame in both unreserved and reserved (with free resrvation ticket) cars.
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