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Hiking in spring 2008/1/24 14:33
Hi I will be in Japan for 1 week between Nagoya and Tokyo and will probably have a JRP. I'm interested to spend 2-3 days staying in nature where I can hike, but I am not an experience hiker. Not much information on the internet, therefore I am thinking of Fuji Five Lakes area. But I would prefer somewhere quiet and not too crowded.

Does anyone know if the mountains/area around Nagoya is good too? Or will it be too hard to hike and snowing? I don't mind the travel, as there is the JRP.

Thank you all!
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Kiso Valley 2008/1/24 17:34
Walking course between Magome and Tsumago. It's safe.
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Magome 2008/1/24 17:54
The Nakasendo between Magome and Tsumago is really recommended for a one day hike and the access from Nagoya is not too bad with a train to JR Nakatsugawa Station and then the bus to Magome:

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CHIC Nagoya 2008/1/24 20:34
This eems to be the website of a foreigners' hiking group based in Nagoya.


There are many hike reports. Could be some tips ...
(I am not connected with them, by the way)
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Thanks all 2008/1/25 05:36
Thank you for your ideas!

What about Fuji Five Lakes? Are there safe and good walks there? I may have 2-3 days so perhaps Kiso may be too small?

Thank you,
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