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Big push bike ride trip 2008/1/24 20:44
I would like to do ride a road bike from Tokio to Senda, Is this Possible are the roads suitalbe for such aventure?
by Andres  

The Japanese do it 2008/1/28 02:07
There are Japanese bicycling touring clubs all around Japan that go almost anywhere, even on roads I would consider too busy to be safe. In the plains, there are so many farming roads that you can stick to these and avoid almost all traffic. They are paved. If you get into the mountains, steep grades are common and roads are windy and narrow.

Check out
Bicycling Japan: A Touring Handbook
by Suzanne Lee
Zievid Press, 1991


Cycling Japan: A Personal Guide to Exploring Japan by Bicycle
Edited by Bryan Harrell
Kodansha International, 1993

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