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im looking english driving school 2008/1/24 22:06
im live now nagoya im new here looking english driving school plz help me thanks
by vicky  

lists 2008/1/25 17:29
Hi vicky!
The link below is the list of driving school in nagoya.

I'm afraid it's all in Japanese...

Here, I think, has some information in english

Almost all schools talk about a licence for foreigners,
and they tell you to bring your certificate of alien registration and passport along with your old licence if you already have one.

I hope this helps*^_^*
by Ayako rate this post as useful

me too! 2008/9/14 23:08
im sorry to the thread starter,im loooking lso for english driving school, im locating in kyoto shi sakyo ku iwakura muramatu. please help me.
by jankar rate this post as useful

don't know if this helps but 2008/9/15 02:48
If you already hold a uk driving licence you can swap it for a Japanese one. they are interchangeable.
Or if you have the money you can go to the uk and take a crash course (no pun intended!) and take a uk licence back to Japan. This way may still be cheaper than going to a Japanese driving school as my wife passed her test in Japan and her father told me it cost a small fortune.
by Ade rate this post as useful

help me 2008/12/14 22:15
hello i am asking if you can help me..i am looking for an english driving in saku or nagano city area..

i hope anybody can help me..

thank you and God SPEED........
by adel rate this post as useful

driving school 2009/1/29 23:09
in Aichi area;
in Tokyo area;

I did not see any driving school in Nagano where teachs in English.
by . (guest) rate this post as useful

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