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Dbgt 100 year gap 4th series z ultimate? 2008/1/25 02:29
Basically, I saw this at my friend charles house long ago, and I am trying to get my own copies.

The Dragonball GT tapes he had were in between the 100 years skipped, and he also had gt tapes after the tournament. It wasn't the 1-64+ Goku gaiden, but it was stuff past that he shown me that was still gt. THe GT he showed me was long as hell, but not episodes, just a whole rack of movie like tapes. longer than z, and it had level 5 in it.

THen he had a series called Z Ultimate which was the 4th one and had levels 6,7, and 8, then he showed me something called a manga script with son goku9 in the juu saga. I saw this about 99, 2000, but I called my people overseas and they said it was a non-public series. I seen the stuff, but I can't get it and it's driving me crazy.

all they got on the internet are a bunch of concept art and fan-art, none of those pics are what I saw in the tapes he showed me, except for 3, which were also conceptual forms.

If anyone knows anything, help would very much be appreciated. I know somebody out there knows what I am talking about.

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GT Movies and Z Ultimate 2008/6/18 18:46

I know exactly what you are talking about, the actual GT movies were done by one of Toei's
smaller companies that has a partnership with them, around late 97 early 98 I believe, but it did not air.

Hell, they never really came out, you had to know somebody that knew Toriyama to get those things because they weren't released to the public, so technically, they don't exist.
The main reason for this is because even after the end of GT's broadcast on Fuji tv, fans
still wanted more, and thus made some GT movies that took place 30 years after Goku left with shenlong. The storyline is all wierd because GT continued with lots of movies in japan, not episodes. the last episode was episode 64 and the goku jr, then there are the GT movies as well that never seen the light of day. I actually have a connect I can give you, but not on here.

Z ultimate though, I actually heard about that while in Japan a while back, but nothing juicy. Z ultimate is the shortest, and has up to supersaiyajin 9 son goku, and it is in the animation. It got cancelled, then they actually picked it back up and did more.
I think it will be out in a couple years, but only once retards in Funi realize that Toei, Toriyama, or Fuji didn't make it.
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WTF? People know 2008/6/18 18:56
OMFG, how in the hell did anyone but me find out about that?

Dude, I don't know what you're talking about, it is only in certain parts of japan. Go there and stop whining, nobody knows anything over here in america. You won't find anything like that on the net because it was blackmarket in japan, not a commercial release, if it was, it wouldn't be so hard to find, duh.

It was not a mass production, and there was low demand for it. = It's not coming out dude, we are stuck with the 1 billion dbz games, an about to be crappy live movie, new kanzenbans, and maybe if we are lucky, they will air the onepiece/dbz crossover cross epoch which I doubt. Yeah, america pretty much gets screwed with that type of stuff.

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