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Bath for guys and girls? 2008/1/25 07:53
Hi, I'm visiting Japan in a couple of months with my girlfriend and we were wondering if anyone knows any good onsen in Tokyo or Kyoto where we can go in together. It seems like most have seperate sections for men and women, but obviously we'd prefer to spend our time on holiday together! Is this possible?

by Peter  

Don't know if this will help but... 2008/1/25 09:31
I went to the Kinugawa-onsen area with my ex-girlfriend and we rented a private onsen. The rate was around $50 for 1 hour. Maybe you can find something similar like that in Tokyo.
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... 2008/1/25 10:06
You would either have to find a "ryokan" (Japanese style inn) with:
(1) "kazoku buro" (family bath) or "kashikiri buro" (all-to-yourself bath), meaning, when you book the accommodation or upon arrival, you place a booking for 50 minutes or so use of a relatively good-sized bath, which you can share together.
(2) a room equipped WITH a fairly spacious onsen water bathtub. Of course, those tend to be expensive, though.

By the way, you cannot really expect to go to real onsen IN Tokyo... Kinugawa/Nikko or Hakone would be a better candidate.
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onsen in Tokyo 2008/1/25 10:30
I'm not really answering the question but you could go to Takaragawa Onsen in Gunma prefecture, it's not that far...they have a mixed-sex bath but the ladies have to be wrapped in a towel which is annoying (speaking on the part of a lady who had to wear a sopping wet towel in the bath while her husband could scamper around in the buff).
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... 2008/1/25 13:40
but the ladies have to be wrapped in a towel

I thought it is the women's choice to wrap themselves up rather than an obligation. If you feel comfotable naked in front of men, I think you are perfectly free to enjoy Takaragawa Onsen without a towel.
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towel in Takaragawa 2008/1/25 14:06
See, there's all those ramifications in that option. The nice guy that checked us in said in English, 'Please wear this towel.' Which is pretty plain. But still, subject to translation nuances, all that. I actually don't care and have been in mixed baths without the silly towel (Nyuto Onsen for one). But arriving at the mixed bath, ALL the Japanese ladies had towels on. It's kind of intimidating to be the only one without a towel when you are the only gaijin woman too...makes you think, 'maybe he MEANT it and I DO have to wear this towel.'
In this situation I wore the damn towel.
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onsen for both gender 2008/1/25 17:14
Onsen for both gender is called ''kon yoku''
There are many ryokan who actually have that style.
They should have information about ''konyoku'' on their web, or you could ask them directly!
I hope this helps*^_^*
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