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Tokyo travel: JR Pass vs. regular fares 2008/1/25 10:57
Tokyo 23-ku
I'm planning on staying in Tokyo for about a week and I'm wondering if getting a JR Pass would be overkill for transportation expenses.
What's the usual fare to get around on the Yamanote line? And would it help to get a suica card?
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hmm 2008/1/25 11:57
One website I found that has assisted a lot of people with travel expenses is hyperdia.com. It is in english and very simple to use. As for the railpass, it really depends on your goals and what you want to see in Japan. If you stay in Tokyo, then no its overkill. If you like to make day trips with the bullet train, then it might be a good idea. Weigh the cost with the website stated, then compare it to the cost of the pass. Also, a lot of the lines in Tokyo do not take the "JR" railpass. Due to the fact they are different companies. You can however buy all day passes to certain lines. Again though, make sure you know where you want to go. The best thing you can do is to have a plan, on places and things you want to see, then work on the details from there.
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not worth it. 2008/1/25 13:38
The JR pass does not pay for itself unless you make at least 2 fairly long hops on the bullet train, eg Tokyo- Kyoto and back.

You wouldn't even use half the value of a JR pass if you are in Tokyo for the whole 7 days- train fares on the Yamanote Line are around 130- 210 yen. The subway, which is not covered by the JR pass anyway, is also useful for getting around Tokyo and fares inside Tokyo are 160- 230 yen or so.
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thanks 2008/1/25 14:28
Thanks for the input. I'll check hyperdia out and see if it helps.
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youre welcome 2008/1/25 14:36
Hope if helps, if not post again and I'm sure someone or myself will reply and help you again.
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