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Japan on the cheap? 2008/1/25 11:06
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi all, I'm very lucky to get a free ticket to Tokyo. But actually, will be on a very tight budget. If i'm not a very temples and disneyland type of person, what can I do in Tokyo on a very tight budget? Also, if i arrive at night, should i stay in tokyo or narita or make my way out to mt fuji? thanks!
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cheap... 2008/1/25 11:53
Tokyo, not cheap, but you can play it smart if you know what your doing. That means research and as questions, and go with a plan! Well, you said you wanted to stay in Tokyo. Do so, if you make it out to Mt. Fuji on regular train it can take about 2 hours if I remember Correctly. Also, if you want to utilize your first night in Tokyo (depending on what time you arrive) do no stay in Narita, there is not much around there. Stuff to do in Tokyo it honestly depends on your style, what you like to do. Sometimes just walking around Shibuya (Hachiko Crossing - Free), Shinjuku, and all the other popular areas are neat way to see the culture and people watching. Gardens, temples and stuff are usually pretty cheap. You stated though that they are really not what you want to see. Go to Odiaba, walk along the shopping centers there and see a great view of Tokyo (go at sunset though its perfect). If you can state more of your goals/interest, I'm sure I or some other members could help you a lot more with your travel ideas.
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. 2008/1/25 13:28
As far as I remember, the Lonely Planet guide book on Tokyo has a small section about three stuff that you can do. :)
Sorry that I can't cite anything, I don't have my book anymore.
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... 2008/1/25 13:44
Many things are free: just wandering around, window shopping, some sights (Imperial East Garden, most temples and shrines), Observation Deck at Tokyo's Metropolitan Govenment Building in Shinjuku, etc.

Some information:

Ways to go to Mount Fuji:
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Japan on the cheap? 2008/1/25 13:48
Hi MarineUSMC,
thanks for yr speedy reply.

Will do as you suggest & have a plan mapped out and spend more on culture and people watching. I'm arriving narita airport at about 8 or 9pm, so deciding if i should book a hostel in Narita or Tokyo or Mt Fuji. btw, where's Odiaba? Also, i've 4 full days, does it make sense to go to kyoto or any outskirts? i thought of buying the jr pass, it seems like its for a week and no single day or 4-5 days type.
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4 days 2008/1/25 13:58
In that case, you could take a day trip to Kyoto, but it might not be worth it (expensive) The rail pass would not be worth it in your limited time. If you have your heart set on MtFuji, then MAYBE Kyoto would be ok, because you have a good chance of seeing it when you go on the bullet train to Kyoto from Tokyo. Plus you can see some of the rich culture there. Another way to see Mt Fuji on a CLEAR day is from the Tokyo Tower although it's like 1800Y to get to the top, its touristy and bigger than the Eiffel Tower, but still neat (plus its near Roppongi the famous nightlife area).

Odaiba, google it lol or look at it on this website ...

It's was supposed to be Japans techno city (still kind of is). It's got a lot to do there actually with a neat observation deck thats pretty cheap. You have to take a monorail for about 20 minutes and cross the rainbow bridge to get there. Hostels, watch out for them, some don't allow tattoos and what not, and some of the owners are rude! Make sure you read the reviews about the ones you're looking at before you go. Now you get in at that time, you can make the train to Tokyo (or bus) and maybe stay in Shibuya your first night at a hostel. Then you could do a lot of people watching there at Hachiko crossing (best at night time). I would honestly stay around Tokyo, see the Imperial Gardens (cheap and worth it), go to Odaiba, Hachiko (behind shibuya station. Check out Wikitravel they have a lot of good information also.
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Yurikamome 2008/1/25 15:23
Please note that the Yurikamome (the rapid transit to Odaiba) is not a monorail but an Automated guided transit system. It runs on sets of wheels on each side, like trains or subways (except that this one has rubber tires). the tracks are set within a U shaped funnel, unlike monorails that run on top (sometimes under) a single beam. check photos on: www.teaser.fr/~mzirnheld/japon/trains/ - the site is in French but many words are similar to English and Yurikamone etc. shows where to click. I know that this sound picky but is a bit like calling cider a wine.
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quite aware 2008/1/25 15:46
Quite aware what it is, monorail is a much more commonly used word rather than Automated guided transit system. Though you're right and thanks for the "correction". The trains run with rubber-tyred wheels on elevated concrete track guided by the side walls. Well aware lol, and I also know its the first fully automated transit system in Tokyo. Who really cares if you call it a car or truck though right?
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4 day flexable pass 2008/1/26 01:54
There is another pass you might look at. The 4 day flexable pass does not have to be used on consecutive days.

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Free Tokyo 2008/1/26 07:17
I like to travel and not to spend a lot. In Tokyo for 1.5 for free walking around I explored all important centers of Tokyo Tokyo has several centers, centers of intertainment best Roppongi and I like Shibuya a lot, it is area for youngs. Even I am not so young I enjoined walking around Shibuya, Aoyama dori,Omotesando dori,Yoyogi park, take pictures of Harajuku girls on Sunday. Everything is free. Free washrooms.You can buy ticket for one station and stay on train and see Odaiba in lights for free, we did this. Look at pictures what I could see for nothing
Japan is the most exciting country I've even seen
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. 2008/1/26 07:35
Well it would be like calling a Marine a Sailor. You both are in the armed forces under the Department of the Navy. Or a fighter jet a helicopter, both fly in the air.

Its actually important sometimes to make the distinction because the real tokyo monorail is near the Yurikamome sometimes, for example at the Intercontinental Hotel, someone asks for the monorail you will get directions to the monorail down the street, when you really wanted the yurikamome which is around the corner.


People often say Tokyo is expensive to Visit (living there is another story), but to visit, it can certainly be cheap. Of course it can be extremely expensive too.
You can find nice cheap accommodation, in good transportation locations and not worry about safety etc.

I spent more money on a hotel for one night in Baltimore then on various trips to Tokyo.

Walking around, window shopping, going into the many showrooms is free in Tokyo. So it can certainly be done.

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Hmm 2008/1/26 11:00
First off this thread is not about a mistake or what to call it. Second off, it is very hard to miss the Yurikamome line when you're actually there. Third I'm glad everyone wants there 2 cents in this thread to seem intelligent.

ANYWAY, yes most of these answers are correct, walking, harajuku (with the shrine there also), shibuya (hachiko), roppongi, odaiba (sea side views) are all a good way to see the culture on a dime.
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Some suggestions 2008/1/29 04:23
Japan can definitely be done on a budget. In most cases, I would argue that for a holiday, it can come close to or perhaps slightly cheaper than a holiday in Europe.

Places including Roppongi Hills, Shibuya, Harajuku, Ueno, Odaiba, and Shinjuku should definitely be on your plan.
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