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7-days JR pass for this itinary? 2008/1/25 13:12
Is it worth getting a 7-days JRpass for the following itinary.
Day1 Narita airport to Hakone/yumoto.stay 2 nights
Day3 Hakone/yumoto to Kyoto.Stay 2 nights.
Day 5 Kyoto to Tokyo
I will be arriving at Narita airport at 1330hr.At what time will be arriving at Hakone/Yumoto if I take the Shinkansen?
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... 2008/1/25 13:41
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the pass 2008/1/25 14:10
Yes, but you can check this out just in case.


Click on english to the far left.
You will want to type in the cities, then see what would be more expensive. The Pass is very useful, but only limited to JR.
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JR reserved seat 2008/1/26 00:18
Thanks for your quick response.I will purchase the JR pass in Canada JTP.But where and how to reserved seat?Do I reserve seat at JR station at the airport or can reserve on-line oversea?
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You get a voucher. 2008/1/26 01:41
You don't actually purchase a JR pass at a JTB. You are buying a voucher which needs to be exchange in Japan for an actual pass.

You can reserve a seat once you have exchanged your voucher for a pass. You can search this website for instructions on using the pass.

Here is the link for reserving a seat:

www.hyperdia.com (the link for English is on the left) is good for train schedules. Input your starting and ending train stations and the time you want to leave (or arrive) and it will give you the result.
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7 days Pass 2008/1/26 05:23
Google: www.japanrail.com/ then in the main JR Group internet page click on passes (at the top) then on JR Pass on the left on the yellow strip. look by the bottom of the page: you will get very detailed instructions about the pass. Don't fret too much about trains in Japan; on the main lines they come as often as city buses in Toronto or Vancouver. you don't necessarily have to reserve seats for the shinkansen outside rush hours but if you want to you can do it at the last minute, for example for a train from the airport to...
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accomodation for family of 4 2008/1/26 06:50
Thanks for the responses re:JR passes.

Now my next concern is accommodation in Tokyo.I am traveling with my husband and my children of 13 and 12 yr old.I know that 13 is considered as adult in hotel business. All hotels in Shinjuku region require me to book 2 rooms. I find it too expensive. My budget is $50-60/person/night.

Do anyone has suggestion of hotels that are close to main subway line, that can accommodate my family in one room?

I know my other option is ryokan.I've already booked 3 nights at Tokyo House Ikebukuro.They have no vacancy
on the last 2 nights prior to my departure. I need advice in this matter.
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toyoko-inn 2008/1/29 04:29
If you don't mind a business hotel with small rooms, try:


And click on "English." Many of their hotels are in front of major railway stations with maps. Twin rooms can cost about $45 CDN per person, meeting your budget requirements. Bookings can be done 2 months in advance, but they can book out quite fast, so always have a backup plan.
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Hotels 2008/1/29 05:17
rooms with a double bed in Toyoko Inn are about 8500 yen w/ taxes and twin rooms are 9300 yen this mean $ can.85 and 93 respectively (Shinjuku is more expensive..). Right now I count on 10 000 yen= 100 $ can.(I am Canadian) it is actually slightly less right now but this is good enough for budget purposes.
besides Toyoko inn http://www.toyoko-inn.com/eng/
check www.japanhotel.net
in both cases check for cheaper areas like Ueno and Asakusa, Ikebukuro etc.
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accommodation for family of 4 2008/1/30 12:36
Thanks for suggestions.
I have found Hotel Parkside in Ueno. They have Japanese style room that sleep 4, cost 26000 yen/night. Good reviews, great location.
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