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To Ikebukuro Sation 2008/1/26 12:59
I'm following tour group holiday in Japan. My last day with the tour group end at Narita Excel Tokyu hotel. I had request extend 6 days after the group tour in Tokyo. Can anyone guide me to go to Ikebukuro station from Narita Excel Tokyu hotel. Thank you in advance.
by Kiok Chye  

... 2008/1/26 14:55
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. 2008/1/26 15:20
Jorudan and Hyperdia for train conection search:

Narita Express timetable (JR East operation):

Keisei Line timetable (Nippori to Keisei Narita and Narita Airport):

Your hotel's shuttle info:
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Very sorry... 2008/1/26 15:36
I misread your question. I thought you were heading back to the airport.

Anyway, check the hotel's shuttle timetable and head to the airport, where you may be able to buy a 'Suica and NEX' package for 3,500yen.

The Narita Express timetable I put on the previous post is the airport-bound one. The Tokyo-bound one is as follows:

You could choose another option of taking the Keisei Line train, Skyliner or limited express to Nippori, where you change to a JR Yamanote Line train to Ikebukuro. Refer to the link on the above post.

I apologize for the mess, and wish you happy travels.
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Tokyo travel 2008/1/26 20:08
This is still in a beta version (don't ask me how I found it), but I've found Google Transit to be quite useful for train information in Japan: http://www.google.com/transit

Just plug in the destination and starting point, and it will map out the route and full itinerary to your destination. Use the kanji for Ikebukuro (r) if the romanji (roman characters) don't work right.
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. 2008/1/26 21:25
Kiok Chye, I hope you do not plan on staying 6 additional days at the Tobu Narita hotel and plan to visit Tokyo each of those six days!

That would be a lot of traveling, not to mention the expensive adds up.
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Thank you 2008/1/27 17:07
Thank you for all the answers to my question. I really appreciate your prompt reply and kind support. I believe my family & I will enjoy this trip in Japan. Thank you
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