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Travel to Osaka-Kyoto-Nara 2008/1/26 14:45
My mom, sis and I plan to travel to Osaka on February 16, 2008. We shall return to Singapore on February 24, 2008.
Presently we are thinking of staying in Osaka (3 days), Kyoto (3 days) and Nara (1 day).
Can someone kindly give me suggestion and advice pertaining to transportation, hotel and itineraries?
Thank you.
by Albert Tan  

... 2008/1/26 14:56
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Kansai 2008/1/26 15:19
Any special reasons for staying in Osaka,Kyoto and Nara, like trying special hotels? I have been to the Kansai quite a few times so far and every time I stay in the same hotel for the whole vacation. Nara doesn't have too many hotels compared to the other 2 towns. In your case I would suggest Kyoto. Nara and Osaka are only 30- 45 minuted from Kyoto by frequent local trains from several companies.
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Thank You, Uji & Sensei 2 2008/1/26 22:05
Dear Uji and Sensei 2,

Thank you for your prompt reply and advice.

Do you think that we should buy the 7_day Japan Rail Pass for our trip? Is Novotel Koshien Osaka West convenient to reach from the Kansai International Airport and other places of attraction?
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No 2008/1/26 22:19
If you are flying into Osaka then no for sure! Kyoto and Osaka are really close (15-30 minute Shinkansen ride can't remember). You will spend a lot more money on the rail pass. www.hyperdia.com select english to the left. You can weigh your costs there. What kind of itinerary are you looking for? Try to stay in a Ryokan in Kyoto, well worth it!
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Thank you, MarineUSMC 2008/1/27 00:59
Thank you for your information.
I have just learned that the Novotel Hotel is nearer to Kobe. Therefore, it is not convenient for us to stay there.
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Kansai Thru Pass 2008/1/27 02:50
You might want to consider the Kansai Thru Pass if you are doing a day trip to Nara and maybe trips of a similar distance on 1-2 other days in the Kansai area. Details here:

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Kansai 2008/1/27 05:51
a hotel in Kobe isn't necessarily a bad location (did you check a Kansai map and Kansai tourist info on the internet?). Kobe is a pleasant town with quite a few interesting things and good shopping. I have been staying there on my last couple of trips. Kobe is another town that is not far from Osaka and Kyoto. However the closest rail access to the Novotel hotel is by Hanshin rail only, not the most practical.
I would suggest that you do not look for a hotel from an international chain but for either a good quality business hotel or a Ryokan (Japanese style inn) to get a taste of Japanese culture.
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RobBeer & Sensei 2 2008/1/27 12:03
Thank you for your advice, RobBeer & Sensei 2.

For the time being, I have planned our travel route as follows:
Singapore - Osaka - Kyoto - Nara (Day Tour) - Kyoto - Osaka - Himeji (Day Tour) - Osaka - Singapore

Day 01, 16 Feb (Sat) : Singapore ・Osaka (Visit Osaka Castle & Harbor)
Day 02, 17 Feb (Sun) : Explore Osaka
Day 03, 18 Feb (Mon) : Osaka ・Kyoto (Explore Central Kyoto ・Nijo Castle)
Day 04, 19 Feb (Tue) : North-Western & Western Kyoto
Day 05, 20 Feb (Wed) : Kyoto ・Nara ・Kyoto (Visit Nara Park)
Day 06, 21 Feb (Thu) : Eastern & Southern Kyoto
Day 07, 22 Feb (Fri) : Kyoto ・Osaka
Day 08, 23 Feb (Sat) : Osaka ・Himeji ・Osaka; Shopping
Day 09, 24 Feb (Sun) : Osaka - Singapore

We may consider group tour as it is still cold then to walk around. As for hotel stay, my friend advises me to stay at GranVia Hotel in both Osaka and Kyoto for their convenient locations.
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. 2008/1/27 12:12
The Granvia Kyoto is a much much nicer hotel then the Granvia Osaka. You can't go wrong with the Kyoto Granvia.
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Thank you, John. 2008/1/27 14:52
Dear John,

Which hotels in Osaka do you recommend?
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... 2008/1/27 15:14
The Hilton Osaka is a nice hotel and very conveniently located next to Osaka Station:

A few steps further is the Ritz-Carlton Osaka, which is considered one of Japan's best hotels, if not the best:
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Thank you, Uji 2008/1/27 15:30
Thank you once again for your response, Uji.
I wish you have a great week ahead. Cheers!
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