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Torii gates 2008/1/26 23:16
Kyoto City

I'm going to visit Fushimi Inari Taisha (near Kyoto) next month when I'm heading to Japan and I'm facianated about the long torii gate tunnel in Inari.

I'm just wondering if I can buy mini size torii gate like this (???) somewhere?

Thank you for any help!
by Eri  

no problem 2008/1/27 14:21
Right before you begin your 3 hour hike (yes it really is three hours... i've done it) you'll see little shops at the entrance of the mountain. Most certainly you can buy all sorts of Inari Shrine souvenirs there.
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Nice! 2008/1/27 16:03
Miyuki, thank you for information! ^^
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Fushimi Inari shrine 2008/1/27 18:30
There are 2 streets leading from the street along the JR Fushimi Inari station to the shrine. the first one is nearly across the station and has a huge tori at the entrance. the second street is about 1 block to the left of the first one and has a couple of stores near the shrine selling torii and foxes in various sizes. I suggest that you have a look at several stores and buy what you want (I got a tori and a pair of foxes)on the way back to the station as you don't want to carry them packages during your climb up and down the mountain (a hill actually, but with thousands of steps up and down) especially if you do the whole long route. I did it on 2 different trips and loved it. be sure to buy water and or juices and snacks at a convenience store near the station as food booths up the mountain are pricy
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Great! 2008/1/27 19:06
Red Frog, thank you too! (again :D )
It's good to know all this kind of stuff before trip!
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