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White Hotel Kyoto - Public Bath? 2008/1/28 00:18
Kyoto City
Hi everyone, I'll be staying in Kyoto White Hotel next month. To anyone who has stayed there before, what's their public bath like? Is it possible for me to wear a clean towel when inside the bath? Thanks in advance.
by Alice  

... 2008/1/28 09:14
They don't say on their website but if it is a typical hotel then wearing towels in the bath would be frowned upon.
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... 2008/1/28 10:19
Thank you. Do you know of any Kyoto onsens that allow people to wear towels into the onsen? Particularly onsens targeted at gaijin? I remember seeing some on a Japan travel program. My mom and I are rather reluctant to bathe naked with strangers!
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... 2008/1/28 16:04
Once you enter the bath you are supposed to put your towel besides the bath outside the water (or on your head). Only on TV, do they take the towel inside the bath to avoid nudity on TV. So, outside the bath, the small towel gives you some privacy, while inside the bath, the bath water will give you some privacy.
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... 2008/1/28 21:05
Oh I see, thank you very much Uji! Looks like we'll have to sneak inside at a time when no one is around :)
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