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Mikimoto pearl restrung w/ add'l pearls 2008/1/28 05:34
Does anyone know if you can have a Mikimoto pearl necklace restrung with additional pearls at the Pearl island shops or any other location? Could this be done while you wait? Is there an email address available for the Mikimoto Pearl Island?
by Varalycka  

... 2008/1/28 10:58
If it is what you bought at Mikimoto (as the name of a shop, not of an island), they will restring it. If not, they don't accept it as they cannot ensure product quality.

Bring it to the pearl section of a major department store (Mitsukoshi, Isetan, Takashimaya and so on) and they will restring it. But I don't think they will do it right on the spot.

Adding pearls is not impossible but as they have to find pearls of same color&size, I think it will take some time.
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Authentic Mikimoto 2008/1/28 11:26
Thanks for your response. My pearls were given to me in 1972. They were purchased from a Lane Crawford store in Hong Kong, and I have the original certificate to guarantee that the necklace contains only Mikimoto Pearls, but no receipt. I wanted to contact the Mikimoto Pearl Island Shop to inquire about adding pearls before leaving home if at all possible.
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Mikimoto Pearl Additions 2009/8/14 12:16
A Mikimoto pearl strand is quite a strand pearls. I would make sure that whoever restrings your pearls or adds pearls are Authorized Mikimoto dealers. I work for Windsor Fine jewelers, and there we take extra precaution to size, color and luster. If you have any doubt, don't hesitate sending to us, an another dealer or if you have the time, back to Mikimoto themselves.
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Ginza 2009/8/14 17:05
The staff at the Mikimoto store in Ginza are wonderful: polite, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Expensive, yes, but quality exceptional. Restringing while you wait could be a big ask though.
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