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CONN Japan 1970's guitar F28 INFO 2008/1/28 10:20
Does anyone have any information on a Conn Vintage Model F28 acoustic guitar,#111025.It has mother of pearl inlays on the fingerboard,inlaid scrolled "C" on the top.The guitar is bound in a double layer white,mother of pearl,white pattern.solid spruce top,rosewood sides and back.On the back the same inlay as the binding radiates at a 20 degree angle from the neck to the base of the guitar. Thank you for any info.
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CONN F28 acoustic 2008/3/31 17:29
I have looked for vintage information on the CONN 12 strings and have found none. I would like info too!
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conn guitars 2008/5/13 10:25
c.g conn had some fine made japanese guitars in the 70s the c models have the large gold c n the headstock the other f series have a silver conn logo they are nice examples of the fine japanese guitars that were made back then there is very little info on these but if your lucky enough to have 1 enjoy it .keep it and compare it to any guitar costing 1000 dollars or more im sure you will be pleased i have an f10 f20 and an f30 12 string and wouldnt trade any of them usually the first two numbers of the serial will indicate manufacture year .you will see them listed on ebay ocasionally.hope this helps
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conn guitars info 2009/12/22 15:07
I just purchased a conn guitar. Havent recieved it yet, but I'm seeing alot of matsomuko thrown around. I bought an f21. And i can't find any research except good, I am hoping it is a matsomuko. I will be back to post any new info, but I can't wait to get this guitar and find out more about these japanese guitar makers. And Aria is another partner with Conn, I think Aria subcontracted with Matsomuko to make these guitars. Would like to keep this thread going, hope some new info comes available soon.
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conn f-11 2010/1/11 14:15
i have no answers but have also been searching and searching for info on a Conn F-11 acoustic guitar....i have yet to find anything referring to this model# F-11, serial# 41743616...i was told it was bought new in 1974 for $70.00. i thought it sounded good...i know nothing about guitars but hoping to learn to play, wanted a cheap guitar and foung the Conn F-11 on craiglist for $140 which included case, capo, stand and music guitar was about $100....since i had a conn sax at one time and new their quality yet never heard of a conn guitar i figured for price i would buy it. would love to know if all wood, i am thinking it may is beautiful looking and i think sounding guitar....any info would also be greatly appreciated, thnx.
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Conn recieved 2010/2/4 15:04
Well this is an awesome guitar for the price. Looks to me to be solid top, spruce i do believe, the grain runs the same using a mirror. I think its rosewood sides and neck and maple back. It looks like it just came out of the box. I sold my Martin a week after I got it. If that tells you anything. S/N 51780228 is hand written on white oval paper. So seeing as how it was the 70's, i am assuming this one was made in 78. I do know Matsomuko was contracted by Aria to make guitars for C.G. Conn. Matsomuko made guitars in the Singer sewing factory, until they closed. There is some info out there, articles C.G Conn wikipedia, and some under Mossman and Aria who is a the Les Paul of Japan. These guitars were touched by Aria if not in Manufacture atleast design and Marketing.
Hope this helps ya out. Any info on these guitars is appreciated.....
Oh the sound is beautiful, somebody aged this guitar well.
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Conn F-27 2011/2/18 02:33
I just wanted to provide some information on my recently purchased Conn F-27. I paid 150.00 for my guitar. The tone was what sold me...I was hesitant and didn't think 150.00 was a bad price. I got the guitar home and took strings off and cleaned it up real good....I was a little bummed cause I noticed small cracks between the pins at the bridge. This was contributing to the action being a little high. I talked to a guitar tech here and he gave me the fix. He said get some low viscosity super glue, and some vaseline and a high grit sand paper. Use the vaseline to coat the pins so you can pull them out after you put the super glue into the crack and let it run down. I used a small screw driver to pull back on the hole to expose the crack more. I put the pins into the holes and waited about 30 minutes. I sanded down on the nut to bring the action down and presto its perfect...sounds amazing...used the sand paper to sand down the dried glue....its a beautiful sounding guitar...I can't put it down.....Joseph
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