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Is 180000Yen enough in Tochigi? 2008/1/28 12:22
I have got a job in 3D modeling in Japan. I will be working and living in Tochigi. Probably I will share apartment with a friend. I have heard that Japan is very expensive. With my salary I have to pay for house rent, food, transportation and 50% of medical insurance. My company says they will not give any bonus for the first year. Please tell me about living cost in tochigi. And what about living in Saitama and Tokyo with 180000Yen a month?
by Rajan  

low salary 2008/1/28 12:58
That amount is close to minimum wage. In Tochigi and the more rural areas of Saitama you can survive on 180,000 a month but even there you won't be able to eat out much, go drinking often or save very much.

In Tokyo you would barely scrape by on 180,000 yen and if you had any emergencies or other situations you needed any money for you would be in trouble.

When people come to Japan as English teachers for example the minimum set by Immigration for a company to be able to sponsor them is about 220,000 per month, which is about the minimum comfortable salary to live on in a Japanese city. Any less than that and you have to live pretty frugally.
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I got a little Idea...Thankyou 2008/1/29 12:46
Thankyou for the answer I got a little Idea. Where are u from? Are U in Japan now?
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Depends... 2008/1/29 15:58
Will you be living in Tochigi City, or another part of Tochigi prefecture (ie Utsunomiya?)

18 isn't a lot of money, but if you are truly living frugally (and splitting a reasonable rent)you can definitely get by on it and save some money... though perhaps not much.

Certainly day-to-day expenses+rent+some going out will cost you at least 120000 / month
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Thanks a lot 2008/1/29 17:59
The job which I have got in Tochigi is the one of which I have dreamed always. But, but the problem was salary. for the starting I will have to adjust in a little.
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3d job? 2008/2/10 22:17
hi! what is the name of the company? I am also going to Japan to work in a 3d company in Tokyo. I work as an animator. When are you going over and where is Tochigi?
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Hope you love the work 2008/2/10 23:09
Because 180000Y is not a lot. Convert that to US ~$1700/month is minimum wage for 40 hr work week. You can barely live on that in the US. Living in some areas of Japan is overall more expensive, but you probably won't have a car and if you split rent, you could survive, but you'd better love the work and Japan or it's not worth it. Do you have a 4-year degree or is this a temporary work assignment (less than 4 months)?
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Thanks 2008/2/13 11:47
Thankyou all for the reaction.I have 4 year engineering degree and I am going to work in automotive parts design.
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. 2008/2/13 13:50
I currently live in Saitama by 110000 Yen per month, but I don't have to pay rent. I usually use up all my money by doing day trips, going to Tokyo and meeting with friends.

180000 is not much, but you can manage with it as long as you don't go go to expensive places so often.
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