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Itinerary out of Tokyo for a week 2008/1/28 19:25
Hi again.
ILll be in Japan in May, the whole month. ILm going to rent an apartment in Tokyo, but I have plans on buying a 7 day JR Pass in order to spend a week out of Tokyo and visiting other parts of the country.
This is more or less the itinerary I have chosen on those 7 days;
Day 1: Tokyo-Kyoto in the morning. Visit Kyoto.
Day 2: Visit Kyoto
Day 3: Visit Kyoto. Kyoto-Osaka in the evening.
Day 4: Visit Osaka
Day 5: Visit Osaka
Day 6: Osaka-Hiroshima in the early morning. Visit Hiroshima
Day 7: Hiroshima-Tokyo from mid day.
All the transport to be done by Shinkansen (except maybe Kyoto-Osaka)
Is there anything you would add/quit to this plan? ILm not very temple/shrine friendly (I mean, I would visit some, but not spend the whole day visiting them), I rather prefer city life.
Regarding the JR pass, when do I have to exchange the voucher I buy in my country for the actual JR pass? Can I do it before my first trip from Tokyo to Kyoto? -I mean, the day before or something like that-
Thanks in advance for your help.
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... 2008/1/29 10:10
Regarding the JR pass, when do I have to exchange the voucher I buy in my country for the actual JR pass?

Anytime from your arrival in Japan to the first day you intend to use the pass:
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plans 2008/1/29 22:11
Your intinerary out of Tokyo for a week seems pretty decent. If you have the railpass use it from Kyoto to Osaka haha its faster and "free" (obviously you paid for the pass use it). You want to see city life...well Hiroshima really is not THAT great for city or night life but it will be a good change (just some cool things to see) if you want city life youre going to get a lot out of it in Tokyo. Along with Yokohama and other day trips that you might take.
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Plans 2008/1/29 22:23
Sounds like a good plan.
Maybe if you were interested in a short trip from Kyoto Nara is nice, it's pretty to walk around and you can see the largest buddha in Japan, plus there are deers roaming everywhere which is nice.
Also Miyajima sounds like a great place to go from Hiroshima, I've not been yet but I'm going in April, and you can use your JR pass on the train and ferry to get there.
When I went to Japan last time I exchanged my JR voucher for the pass right in the airport when I arrived. There should be no problem doing that when you arrive as long as it has the valid dates on it. There are also many places around Tokyo you can exchange this, you should get a list of places with you voucher
Good luck and have fun :-)
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