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Enough to survive in Tokyo, Minato-ku? 2008/1/28 21:59
Hi all!

A group of people are going to japan to work in the 3d animation industry. And I am one of them I just gotten my package to go japan its not very happening... but still, I wana find out if its survivable.

My employer have found housing for us in minato-ku, per person its about 170K Yen. So that would leave me with about 120K Yen for food, travel and whatever hidden cost that might be.

I know 120K is little, but is it enough to survive~?

by Jason  

. 2008/1/29 10:22
170K JPY a person! Are you sharing one place? How big is the place.

I can tell you for 170K a person and if you're sharing a small place, thats almost a rip off.

You can find larger affordable places outside of Minato for half as much.
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. 2008/1/29 10:24
Sorry was that 170k JPY or USD?
monthly or yearly?

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. 2008/1/29 10:29
I have to agree with John. You need to find a cheaper place. You shouldn't spend 60% of your salary on rent, especially if you're sharing the place.
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nt sharing 2008/1/29 18:40
nope. Not sharing. If I'm not wrong, its 1 person per apartment. They are finding places near the workplace so we dont need to travel too far.
and Yah, will also try to ask them to find a cheaper apartment for us if possible. yah its 170K JPY.
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very high rent 2008/1/29 21:04
It is very easy to travel around Tokyo and Minato-ku is one of the most expensive areas to live in. That is a ridiculously high percentage of your income to pay as rent. If you didn't mind a 15 to 20 minute commute you could live somewhere in Shinagawa ward or Ota ward for half the price. The problem is set-up costs, but if you Google "monthly mansion" or "Tokyo apartments" you will find cheaper places, most likely furnished and with no key money.
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hmm 2008/1/29 22:18
Rip off..Tell them to look into smaller places, or maybe a Leo Palace or something like that. They are fully furnished and cheap (clean too). 120k a month to survive...I'm assuming thats what youre saying, yes its enough. You would always rather have more spending money though...think about it. Another country...you want to explore and have a good time at night...You don't need a huge area just something to get you by for your stay. I know I would rather live in a small place for a month and see a lot than live in a huge place and not see anything but my apartment...
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Up to 25% 2008/1/30 01:10
Have you ever lived by youself? Your rent should be up to 25% of your whole income. Otherwise you will go to bankrupt soon.
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Better off than me 2008/2/14 03:39
I am also moving to Minato-ku... in about 2 weeks. I am still looking for a place but it seems that I will be spending 75% of my income on rent to be within a 1/2 hour of work. I have read Minato-ku is the most expensive area and my employer let me know before I took the Job that a large chunk of my pay would have to go towards rent. Please post back what you have found out. Good Luck!
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75% of your pay to rent is utterly insane, if yo do it your just as foolish. Do ot be taken like this - your being ripped off!!!
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Hi Chris 2008/2/14 06:03
Do you have a suggestion for alternate living arrangements, maybe a website you could refer me to or another neighborhood near Minato-ku you would recommend?
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finding a place 2008/2/14 07:04
check www.sakura-house.com/
I assume that you have a map of Tokyo by now so you can find where the neighbourhoods are. You are a bit tight on time and may have to settle for a one month in a shared place at Sakura house or similar (google gaijins houses or similar or rented accomodations ..anything) this would allow you to look at several areas. don't get locked in a way too expensive place.
I have friends who live in Kobe yet work in Osaka, at the opposite side from Kobe. I have lived in Paris, Toronto, and other places and it is nothing to commute 1/2 hr by subway or train. Right now I commute 45 minutes twice a day (in western North America) because my mortgage is 1/2 what it would be if I lived DOWNTOWN for a similar sized place. 40% of you income should be a maximum (25% is a dream unless you live in a small town..)of course you will need a monthly commuter pass but they aren't expensive if you take one just for daily trips from your home to work (Suica or Pasmo smartcard). if you use that card for weekends trips to other areas of Tokyo the card will calculate the cheapest fare possible.
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Pending COE 2008/3/2 14:45
hi ! Currently, my COE is pending. So once this is cleared, my employer will then look for apartment for us. Now that I re-look into it, I am hoping to pay a max 90,000JPY per month. Maybe for a guest house, or a shared apartment with someone. And yah, I don't really hope to stay too near my work place too, because I know its going to be damn costly...
Anyone knows how long the COE would actually take? Or would there be any reason it gets rejected(*glurp....*) ??
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