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Anybody been to Yokohama Arena? 2008/1/29 04:42
Anybody know what it means when a ticket is a standing ticket, row East 4 and then numbered seats at Yokohama arena? Is that good or bad? Am I on the ground near the stage or way up high on the tiers?
by Olivia  

can't tell 2008/1/29 11:26
Olivia, are you sure it's not a "sutando-seki (stand seat)" instead of a "standing ticket"? A stand seat is way up there, nearest to the roof.

On the other hand, many rock concerts provide no chairs on the ground (arena seat), and they call this system "all-standing".

Row East 4 is probably "Higashi 4 retsu" which is the enterance you're using. This particular entrance is way up near the left hand side of the stage, facing the stage.

So long story short, from your explanation, I can't tell where your seats are going to be. If you go to a ticketing agency counter, they can usually show you the seat plan to see where your seat number belongs to.

Just for reference, here is the official website for Yokohama Arena.
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Thanks for the info. 2008/1/29 15:29
Yes, you're right it could very well be the seats up near the roof. It's my first concert in japan so I don't know how they arrange seating. So when I saw the person who bought tickets for me put STAND, Row:east 4, nos: so and so, I immediately thought standing as in the ground floor. Anyway I emailed the person back and hopefully he can clarify what he meant. Thank you for answering. I saw the Yokohama seating chart. Very confusing with all the numbers.
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don't forget your binoculars 2008/1/29 19:24
If the person wrote "stand" and not "standing", clearly it is a seat in the stands.

But you are lucky enough to have a seat where you can see the guitarist's right arm better, except that the sound may not be as well-balanced.

Actually, wherever you go, the good thing about close-to-the-roof seats are that you can see EVERYTHING in the venue except for maybe the drummer.
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Olivia, when are you going to Yokohama? 2008/2/1 06:35
I also received an email from a contact in Japan saying they managed to get tickets for me for the Yokohama concert on the 20th. I'm supposed to be standing the whole time though... I have up til now, absolutely no idea where I'll be standing. Hopefully I'll learn more soon!!

I'm already excited!!
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Ruby, going to Tohoshinki's concert? 2008/2/7 15:44
i am going to Tohoshinki's concert in Yokohama on March 20. I am very excited to hear them live. You got standing tickets? Very lucky, since I have stand seats.
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I'm going too! 2008/2/9 02:51
Hi there, I'm trying to figure out the same thing. I'm going for the shows on the 19th and 20th.
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How popular is Tohoshinki out there? 2008/2/9 12:20
Wow! I'm getting curious. You guys seem to be coming all the way to my town from all over the world and Tohoshinki is not even Japanese! Are you guys all coming from Korea? Or is it that they have fanatics that chase them wherever they tour? Btw, I don't have anything against that, because I've travel to the other side of the planet to see the Rolling Stones!
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USA 2008/2/9 13:38
Hi there. I can't speak for everyone else but I love TVXQ. I'm going to Japan because i've always wanted to visit Tokyo. Getting to see TVXQ while i'm there is also a DREAM COME TRUE!!! I love those boys. I think they have fans all over the world now. I'm flying in from the US to see them. I wouldn't consider myself a fanatic but I would pay A LOT of money to see them anywhere in the world. lol I can't wait to see your home town.
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Thanks, Angel 2008/2/9 18:18
Cool! I really admire how they managed to master Japanese so fast and how they even say sloppy Japanese jokes on TV! I'm not actually a fan, but it's always nice to see those guys on air. Thanks for the feedback, and have fun!
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You are welcome, Uco 2008/2/10 00:20
Yes I was impressed by their Japanese skills too and I'm not even Japanese. lol They worked very hard to be accepted in Japan. I'm so proud of them. Uco, while i'm in Yokohama, as a local, is there anything you would recommend that I NOT miss?
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when going to a Yokohama Arena concert 2008/2/10 16:24
The biggest advise I can give anyone going to the Yoko-Are or any concert in Japan is to make sure you have your return ticket to your hotel before the concert starts. On your way back, there will be a long queue at the ticket vending machine.

For restaurants, there are many inside the Shin-Yokohama station building. There are also some convenience stores close to the venue which are more handy. Walk a few minutes and there is a Starbucks too. You might also have fun at the, low-key but entertaining, Ramen Museum near the venue. But beware that all these places that are close to the venue tend to be crowded right after concerts.

If you're staying in the city of Yokohama, places like the Motomachi district, China Town and MM21 are touristical.

You are also free to post a new question focusing on tourism that will automatically end up in the "Travel" questions section of this Forum, attracting more knowledgalbe posters who can give you good answers. While you're at it, you can tell us which area you're planning to book your hotel, and your preferences on touring.

Have fun!
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Thanks for your answer Uco 2008/2/11 12:19
I am from the U.S. too so your suggestions are extremely helpful. I wouldn't have thought to get a return train ticket to my hotel beforehand, I would be one of those people in the long line at the train station after the concert. You'll be surprised how many people around the world know tohoshinki. All shows that they are on get subbed into English even their radio program so it's easy for fans to get to know them and like them. After i saw their last japanese concert on dvd I decided I have to see them live no matter what. I always wanted to visit Tokyo but their 3rd live tour spurred me on to book my trip and get tickets. I can't wait to see Yokohama!!
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A quick question 2008/2/11 13:16
Are we allowed to have cameras inside the arena? I am planning to tour Yokohama by day and then head straight to their concert in the afternoon. I don't want to bring my camera if it's not allowed and I have no place to store it.
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Great tips 2008/2/11 13:43
Thank you so much for that tip. I wouldn't have thought to get my ticket ahead of time either. That was a HUGE tip. Thanks a bunch.

PS. I'm up in the nose bleeds too Olivia but I know we'll have fun anyway.
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camera 2008/2/11 21:45
Thanks for the feedback, Olivia! You guys are giving me a great treat to share at our dinner table :)

About cameras, I don't know about this particular concert, but usually all recording devises are strictly prohibited to be brought inside (except for cell phones which you can bring in, but are not allowed to be used as cameras). They will inspect your bag at the enterance, but they can usually keep the devises for you and will hand it back to you after the show.

You can have someone at your hotel phone the promoter in advance to see how they're handling the show this time. There are also coin lockers at train stations, but they tend to get full. Smaller stations might have vacant lockers, even though the number of lockers there are very limited.

Also, beverages and flamable objects such as lighters are usually prohibitted to be brought into the venue and are usually thrown away at the enterance. But beverages and glowable objects, as well as snacks, are often sold inside the venue.

Also, I believe that a lot of pop fans go to concerts expecting to buy merchandise. Official merchandise sales are very organized nowadays, and they often accept queues earlier during the day. So by the time the concert begins, popular merchandise tends to be sold out. Again, check the promoter in advance to see how they're selling merchandise.

On a related note, I'm sure you know by now that the 7000 yen tickets are for seats, while the 6000 yen tickets are for standing, although I have no idea where you are to be seated or to stand with those tickets.

Important! The lady's rooms at rock/pop concerts always have long queues unless it's during the show.
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hello all!! 2008/2/16 03:48
Wow,,, haven't been online for a few days and I see this thread has been pretty active.

to answer questions:

Yes Olivia, I'm going to the Yokohama Arena Concert on the 20th. I already have my tickets and I'll be standing the whole time (so I'm up there on the roof!!) A, 141... I think I'm I forgot if I'm supposed to be North, east, south or west..

Angel: Lucky you!! I wanted to go to both as well!! But I only have two tickets for the 20th.. I was going alone, but I remembered my old colleague still works in Tokyo and she was happy to go with me.

I'm from the Netherlands. And I know Tohoshinki has more than 100 fans here in this tiny country! They even made a 'Dutch Cassiopeia'-fanclub for the boys. I'm not such a fan that I'd practically stalk them, but I like their music, and I have their albums, all of their Japanese and Korean albums. And because I have tickets (I was only thinking of keeping them as a souvenir) I thought why not go to Japan as well. This will be my first time in Japan, and will be sightseeing and going to Disney and the Sea Paradise in Yokohama during that week.

soemthing for me to remember: no drinking anything during the concert so that I don't need to visit the ladies room. I'll just run to the hotel afterwards.

How long does a Tohoshinki concert run? 2 hours? I can't wait to go!!! I'm sure all of us will have fun!
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Bhie = Ruby 2008/2/16 03:49
I forgot to change the screen name.. but that's me!
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Where could we get Concert Merchandise? 2008/2/16 12:48
Hi! Just chanced upon this forum in my trip research. I'm fr SG, and just managed to secure my ticket to THSK's Yokohama concert on 20 March. Could any one help? I will be staying at Asakusa, and will travel down to Yokohama just for the concert. How should I get to Yokohama Arena, and how much time would that take? Also, how early before the concert would the concert merchandise be sold at the venue? Thanks!
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thanks! 2008/2/16 18:09
Thanks Ruby and eFrances!

Concerts usually last about 2 to 3 hours. For merchandise, as I mentioned, please check the promoter in advance.

For access, the Hyperdia website can help you. From Asakusa area, it takes roughly an hour to Shinyokohama Station which is very close to the Arena. You have to walk inside the station building, but you can't miss it.
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