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an intimate subject... 2008/1/29 08:31
i know that questions similar to mine have already been posted, but still there's something that bothers me. In some time I'll be going to Japan and most certainly will be visiting Onsen. I'm Caucasian, with quite bright skin (not white though), brown hair, tall and have quite good figure. However, there's one problem (or perhaps not) - I'm not used to shaving down there and prefere to leave it natural (also because shaving and waxing irritates my skin very much), in addition my bottom isn't totally smooth (it got some hair on it). I'm really sorry to bring such a subject up, and also am very embarrased to write about it, but I desperately need to hear some thoughts. Would it be a problem when going to Onsen, and in general - I heard that Jwomen are much "hairless"... In short I'm very confused...
Thanks in advance for your reply.
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... 2008/1/29 10:25
I heard that Jwomen are much "hairless"

Really? It is my understanding that the huge majority of Japanese people (women and men) leave it natural down there. Then again, I have never made any research on that issue...
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. 2008/1/29 10:26
I heard that Jwomen are much "hairless"...

In all seriousness, you heard wrong. It is quite opposite.
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?? 2008/1/29 11:15
What do you mean by "my bottom isn't totally smooth (it got some hair on it)."? Are you saying that your "behind" in other words our buttocks are hairy and you can notice hair even from a distance?

If so, well, every person has her uniqueness. What can you do about it. I have a scar and I often forget to shave my legs, but I bath anyway and people don't seem to care.

Also, the Japanese do not generally shave off their pubic hair, if that's what you happen to be asking. Besides, when walking around in the bath room, you usually cover your pubis lightly with a small towel you bring in for scrubbing your body.

Happy bathing!
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Ok 2008/1/29 11:58
Uco, will do that :) if go to there one day.
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hmm 2008/1/29 18:46
It took me some work to convince my wife to shave down there lol...Previously I had experience with other women and they also preferred that natural look.
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Module 2008/1/29 19:14
I don't understand what you're trying to say...again.
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thanks 2008/1/29 20:44
thanks all for your answers. i feel somewhat relieved now.

Uco: yes, it's like you said "it's a bit hairy", i don't know how much it can be noticed from the distance, but still it's not pleasant and can be quite embarrassing. I know there's nothing to be done about it, still it's my complex.
Anyway, i'm thankful for your reply, and will try to overcome my shame and enjoy bathing!
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Never thought about that!! 2008/1/30 01:39
I'm a black American female, and my first time in an onsen was very nice. I must say that shaving issues never even crossed my mind. Never thought about it until this question came up. I groom, but I do not completely shave. From what I've seen, many Japanese women don't shave at all. You'll be just fine. I never felt like anyone was staring at me because of hair/lack of hair. From my perspective, the biggest concern is that as a foreigner, you clean yourself thoroughly. And I must have because nobody got out of the water when I got in. So clearly, I must have done it properly.

Oh, but like someone said earlier, you can cover up a little with the towel. When great-grandma, who had to be pushing 80 or 90 walked aroung free as a bird without her towel, I figured that if she could do, I could. And I did.
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? 2008/1/30 12:24
My J-boyfriend told me that Japanese woman never shave down there. And from what I've experienced in my 30+ onsen trips is, it's true.
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Hair 2008/1/30 12:47
Hair on the tush...funny...

I would not even worry about it. Most people will barely notice you or pretend not to notice you.

Many a man and woman use a small towel walking to and getting out of the Onsen both as a way of being considerate to people who may find pubic hair offensive and as a way of feeling less shy.

Go have fun.

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bath 2008/1/30 20:45
I live in a woman`s company dormitory in Japan with a communal bath that I bath in nearly every night. Quite frankly, everyone has different body shapes and parts and nobody even takes notice. There is even a girl with an amputated limb and she is not the least bit embarassed. I`ve been in onsen elsewhere where ladies with scars and or a part of breast removed have bathed without seeming embaressed at all. Two cheers for them!

Even if someone noticed something, they won`t gawk or talk about you infront of you, so don`t worry. As someone else said, they are more likely to be amused that you are a foreigner than anything else.

Just make sure you wash your self well before entering, don`t make huge splashes apon entry to the bath!
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