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Location Decision 2008/1/29 08:43
Kyoto City
If you are a family of five (including two 8-yr olds), relying on public transportation to get around Kyoto, is it better to stay at the Kyoto Traveler's Inn (near the City Museum of Art) or in a ryokan near Kiyomuzu-dera? Or does make a difference? We are planning on spending 1-2 days in the eastern part of the city, 1 in the central part, 1 out by Arashiyama, and 1 in the southern part of Kyoto.
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Hmm 2008/1/29 11:58

If the subway does not get you there the bus certainly will. I think it is a matter more of where you think you will go.

Look a t a map in relationship to where you will go and where you are staying. It is not difficult to get around.

Then again the Ryokan may bring you a little closer to the Japanese living.

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Where We are Planning to Go 2008/1/29 15:20
Planning on:
1) Ginkakuji, Path of the Philosopher, Nanzenji
2) Sanjusangendo, Nijo, Imperial Palace, Nishi Market
3) Kiyomizudera, Gion, Maru... Park
4) Arashiyama Area
5) Fushimi Area
6) Kitano Tenmangu Market, Ryoanji, Kinkakuji
Maybe 1 museum or botanical gardens.... or swim at the YMCA or department store...
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Taxi - gotta be a taxi 2008/1/29 19:06
Forget buses and subways. With that time window, those numbers and those ages you need door to door. It isn't so expensive in Kyoto.

So: taxis. My very strong recommendation.

Important fact: 'o-gata' (large size) taxis carry 5 passengers - 2 in front (1 big + 1 small) , 3 in back. They must be summoned by phone, but friendly innkeepers and shopkeepers will do that for you.

They do also cruise the streets, but only about 1 on 30 cabs is an ogata. You will find them at the station, however, if that is how you are arriving.

Good news: their meter rate is only a touch more than regular (kogata) cabs.

On your Arashiyama day a train could be fun. But for everything else ... don't think twice.

So - feel free to stay wherever you like. I'd go ryokan myself, although are you sure the kids will be into it?
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Ryokan 2008/1/29 22:17
Personally I'd stay in the Ryokan, it's traditional and a beautiful way to experience Kyoto.
Kyoto is quite easy to get around, day bus passes are cheap. Also cabs are quite cheap if you're in a rush
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