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Narita Express and Osaka Limited Express 2008/1/29 14:01
Do these two trains stop at Shinjuku and/or Shibuya Stations?

I am having trouble locating this information, and I even went to a local Japanese travel shop today and they couldn't tell me either.

I want to catch the Narita Express from Narita to Shinjuku.

Later in my trip, I want to go to the closest possible station to wear I am staying to get the earliest JR Limited Express to Osaka.

For the Narita portion of my trip I'll have a Suica+NEX card, and the rest of my long distance trips will all be done on JR Pass.

Thanks in advance!
by pixelkitty  

. 2008/1/30 08:59
There is no such train named "Osaka Limited Express".

Yes the Narita Express stops at Shinjuku Station from Narita Airport (very few stop at Shibuya station)

here is a timetable:

To get to Osaka, the train is not a limited express, you want to take the Shinkansen "bullet train", that train can be taken from Tokyo Station (and some from Shinagawa Station).
You can check:
http://www.hyperdia.com for timetables
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Thanks 2008/1/30 09:17
Thanks John.

I've checked Hyperdia and there is a Hikari that I can take to Osaka.

I have a rail pass, so I can't take nozomi :)
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. 2008/1/30 12:50
When are you traveling in Japan?
There are a large scale schedule revisions on JR Lines throughout Japan on 15th March, which may affect your schedules depending on your travel dates. If you travel on and after that day, hyperdia doesn't show correct train connections as of yet. Also the number of the Narita Express will increase by two each way in the daytime

From 15th March, the first Hikari leaves Tokyo at 6:23am, Shinagawa at 6:31 and gets to Shin-Osaka at 9:30. Please note that all the Hikari and Nozomi trains will come to stop at Shinagawa and Shin-Yokohama from the day.
In case you want to reach Osaka as early as possible, there will be another Hikari which will leave Shin-Yokohama at 6:00am and arrive at Shin-Osaka at 8:15, though in order to catch this train, you need to catch 5:00am Tokyu Toyoko Line train from Shibuya and change to JR Yokohama Line train at Kikuna. Shin-Yokohama is two minutes from Kikuna, and you can get there at 5:44am. This sounds impractical, just for your info.
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