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Looking for Japanese Beverage In America 2008/1/29 14:10
so i spent a few weeks in japan about a year ago, and ever since ive been on a hunt here for a drink by Aquarius . I KNOW pocari sweat and Aquarius are supposed to be the same, but i hate pocari sweat. The drink im looking for is called Active Diet. Does anyone know anywhere where i can buy active diet online?
by Pat  

Coca-cola 2008/1/30 20:58
Coke makes it, it's just a sugar free or low calorie. Same thing as Aquarius, just there way of saying "diet/lo cal". I too had the same interest 3 years ago when I went home on leave. I had actually e-mailed coke and they say they don't import it to the states. Not much help I know...If you find out though...Post the answer!
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. 2008/1/31 05:28
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Yeah 2008/1/31 06:25
Yeah i know i saw that already, but that was 2 years ago. I wasn't sure if i asked the question there if it would move back up into recent for people to actually answer it. So i just figured id post a new question to see if anything has changed and if anyone knows anything new. But it looks like sadly nothing has changed.
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. 2008/2/14 06:10
Where in the US do you live? If you live in the area that has a high Japanese population, you might be in luck. I live in OC in california and there are a few Japanese grocery stores here, such as Mitsuwa and Marukai. Aquarius is available in these stores. It's my favorite as well--tastes much better than Pocari Sweat. I have a large bottle of Aquarius in my fridge---yummm
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Mitsuwa 2008/2/18 13:57
Yeah i live in NY, so i went to the Mitsuwa in NJ, but they didnt have any aquarious products. However, now that i know they carry them, ill ask for them the next time im in there. Maybe they were just sold out.
Its just rough, because im in college right now in Upstate NY, so i have to wait till i go back home to go over the Mitsuwa. I guess ill just have to suffer a little longer
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try jgrocer.com 2008/2/19 08:41
this person is selling the powder form of aquarius and active diet, i sent hima email and hes just starting his store and will add more products .
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japantodoor.com sell them online 2008/2/19 18:09
I got powder ones from them, they send directly to me from Japan, it saves me the hassle and the search. Hope this helps : p

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. 2008/2/20 06:40

I'm sorry they didn't have Aquarius. The store I go, Costa Mesa, CA usually has it but it's sold out sometimes, especially in summer. If you talk to a manager and ask him to save some and call you, they will.

The powder will do in the pinch but it's just not the same....
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