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Can I use a Dell Laptop in Japan? 2008/1/30 15:49
My laptop is a Dell inspiron E1505.Will I be able to get internet in japan, if i can how do I. do I have to go to a cyber cafe or something,and will I be able to plug it in to the outlets to like charge it and use it.Or will i need some special thing.much would be appreciated thanks
by PorscheR  

. 2008/1/30 16:43
Your computer should work assuming you can find an internet connection.

eg, if your hotel provides free internet, all you have to do is plug it into the ethernet slot in your computer and you should be set.

Depending on what country your computer comes from you might/might not need a power converter.
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Yes 2008/1/30 16:45
You can use it, depending on where you are going. Bring your own Cat5e cable with you. Also if you have a 3 prong plug bring a 2 prong adapter. Not all plugs in Japan are 3 prong. You won't need a power converter, I'm assuming you're in Japan now, but traveling with the computer. Your computers power adapter will correct the voltage. If you're in a hotel that offers internet you will be good. Some places even have WiFi.
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