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Porter bags in Ginza 2008/1/31 23:59
Where can I find PORTER(brand name) bags in Ginza shopping district?
How do I get there and can i have an address please?
I have max 2 hours from Narita airport to get there. Please extend help to me! Thanks alot (:
by lim you jie  

Probably not enough time 2008/2/1 08:35
Is 2 hours the total time you have from leaving Narita airport to needing to be back there? If so, I'm afraid you don't have enough time for shopping- it takes more than 2 hours just to get to Ginza and back.
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omg 2008/2/1 21:23
ohmygod. then what can i do? is the porter brand a very common brand in japan? can i like find it anywhere? cause i'm following the tour. omg i so want to buy the protet bag.
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Porter bags 2008/2/1 23:16
There are sold at Tokyu Hands including the one in Ginza.
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Porter is everywhere 2008/2/2 09:30
Yes it is a common brand in Japan. Pretty much every department store in any large city in Japan carries it. Marui, Tokyu Hands etc. Don't risk missing your plane just to buy a bag, no matter how much you love the brand.
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and bring your money 2008/2/2 11:55
They are not cheap. Good looking and well made, maybe.

But in a consumer economy of overpriced brand goods, Porter Bags are right up there.

Are you suuuuuure you need one?
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bags 2008/2/2 12:18
I agree, I think Porter bags are very overpriced for what they are. In Tokyu Hands you can see virtually identical, well-made bags hanging right next to Porter bags for a third of the price. If the brand means a lot though, then go ahead!
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Porter bags 2008/2/2 16:02
I disagree.
All Porter bags are made in Japan and
"well made hanging right next
to Porter bags"
are made in the low labor cost countries.
So if you trust the quality of made-in-Japan goods,
I think they are worth the attached prices.

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yeah I want one. 2008/2/2 16:17
yay. glad to hear that it's readily available. means osaka and places that have like rather large department stalls have them huh (: you guys made my day.
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Luggage Label 2008/8/11 12:23
Sorry to ride on, but at the above mentioned shopping malls, do they carry luggage label as well? Since they're all under Yoshida & co.?
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