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Shopping at Narita 2008/2/2 05:01
I intend to buy a lot of souvenirs and gifts on my trip to Tokyo next month. Would it be better to do most of my shopping at the duty-free shops in Narita airport on the day I depart or to buy things in Tokyo?

I guess what I'm worried about is holding off on buying things that I like while in Tokyo, but then discovering that the shops at Narita don't have what I'm looking for.

I looked at a shop guide for Narita and it seems like they have shops for toys and Japanese confections (mmm, Pocky!!). What I'd really like to get are some traditional Japanese clothes, like a yukata, but I couldn't tell if there's a store at Narita that sells these.

Thanks in advance.
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. 2008/2/2 12:25
ILd rather buy everything in Tokyo than in Narita; first, the prices tend to be much lower outside the airports; and second, what you will find in Nartia that you cannot find in Tokyo?
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prices 2008/2/3 08:34
I'm mainly concerned with prices. I don't want to buy things in Tokyo, only to discover that they're much cheaper at Narita's duty free shops.
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shopping at Narita 2008/2/3 11:18
For japanese goods like yukata, the prices are not better at duty-free. You'll find nice Japanese souvenirs at Narita Airport but you'd do better, and have more variety, in Tokyo. Oriental Bazaar in Omotesando has lots of good stuff.
You can still pick up some nice last-minute things at the airport.
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Shopping 2008/2/3 17:38
Japanese souvenirs are before going through security. after that it is mostly international designers stuff.
My experience of duty free in various airports is to avoid them. better to buy interesting things right in a town. as others have mentionned Oriental Bazaar is a great place.
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okay 2008/2/3 22:32
Thanks so much for everyone's help!
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... 2008/2/4 09:07
As Sensei 2 wrote, I don't think there are many souvenirs available beyond immigration. Before immigration, you have many stores lot shop, but you will have to pay consumption tax just like in Tokyo.
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souvenirs past security 2008/2/4 12:32
There are actually souvenirs past security these days.
The 'Akihabara' store has some nice bags made from Obi and Kimono fabric...not cheap. There are yukata, small lacquer ware items, many many small trinkets such as key chains, magnets, etc. There are also old Obi themselves sold past passport control, though the prices are high. Near gates 37? 38? there is a beautiful shop with only lacquer ware. It's next to a sushi shop - somewhere near the book store. These shops advertise that they take dollars as well as yen (though change is in yen). Narita has improved the shopping opportunities amazingly in the last few years.
Here is a guide to shops in the airport: http://www.narita-airport.jp/en/guide/rest_shop/index_t1.htm...
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SALUS? 2008/3/15 02:07
i heard that Uniqlo will sell yukata by May. yipee~~ coz im visiting Tokyo by then....
-How bout Salus? Where is the location? any shop in Ikebukuro or Shibuya or Harajuku?
I read in VIVI that Salus has yukata for 7500Yen whole set...

- any other brand or place (shop) that i can get affordable yukata?

Thanks heaps~~
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