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Kabuki? 2008/2/3 00:54
Kyoto City
I think it will be fun to see some Kabuki theater while in Japan.
I see listings for "Kabukiza" in Tokyo, but, we will have more time to spend in Kyoto.
Can anyone recomend a venue in Kyoto?
by Lori  

. 2008/2/3 12:27
There is a Kabuki theater, Kabukiza in Kyoto but if something is on or not is totally depends on when you go.
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... 2008/2/3 14:53
Kyoto's most famous kabuki theater is called Minamiza:
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Kabuki 2008/2/3 17:26
there is also a kabuki theatre in Osaka Namba. I once saw in Tokyo the first 2 acts of the 47 Ronins (many people don't watch the whole plays as they last for many hours)and because I know the story well I could follow the action. IT WAS SUPERB. I do think that it would especially appeal someone used to watch Shakespeare plays, Opera and the like in period costumes.
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order tickets to Minamiza ? 2008/2/6 04:05
Does anyone know how to order tickets to Minamiza theater in Kyoto. I found the web site and the programs(which look great) but if there is a link to buy tickets there I can't find it...(might be in japanese?)
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