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How to get to Kawaguchiko? 2008/2/3 04:32
how can i get to the city of Kawaguchiko near mt fuji from matsumoto or takayama?
what is the shortest way? is it thru otsuki station ? what lien to use?

by pascal schwartz  

... 2008/2/3 07:44
The shortest route is by bus from Kofu.

From Matsumoto to Kofu, take the train. From Takayama to Matsumoto take the bus.
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how long is it in travel time? 2008/2/3 18:49
thank you for your help.
could tou tell me how long is it from Kofu to Kawaguchiko and from Takayama and get to Kofu?

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Connections 2008/2/3 21:11
Three connections a day.

Bus from Takayama to Matsumoto: 3,100yen
Train from Matsumoto to Kofu: 4,180yen
Bus from Kofu to Kawaguchiko: 1,430yen

Total: 8,710yen
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only 3 times ... 2008/2/13 06:37
thank you for your suppprt , and sorry for the delay reaction.

is there another cheaper way (8,710 yen is too expensive i think ..) or faster way between Takayama to Kawaguchiko using the public transportation ?
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... 2008/2/15 16:14
No, it is the cheapest.
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