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Best of - Japanese food in Tokyo 2008/2/3 12:12
Tokyo 23-ku
I'm kind of new to the area and already have friends and family coming to visit me. We are all big food lovers and due to my inexperience I can't give them THE best of the best tour yet. I'm hoping you can give me advice on where I have to take them for the connoisseur to have an unforgettable eating experience here.

They are more interested in the food of the country rather to get a proper feel rather than fusion and trendy foods

Especially (forgive my spelling)


and all the other staple foods I don't know about

Specific places, websites are much appreciated.

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food! food! 2008/2/4 17:03
check: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2036.html
according to my Japanese friends the first 3 foods you mention are as common as fish and chips in England. My friends make them all the time. it doesn't take them long as they are so easy to make. there are several thousands of restaurants in Tokyo that serve these food. Just have a look near railway stations,in underground malls, in Ameyokocho in Ueno etc. Sushi is a more fancy and gourmet. try Tsukiji market for good sushi.
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in Tokyo 2008/2/4 17:08
Try this site blow. don't forget to check on the right column for an explanation of the various types of food.


by the way it was real easy to get that on Google..
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Monja? 2008/2/6 16:45
How about Monja-yaki if you put Okonomiyaki on the list? Okonomiyaki is famous in Osaka or Hiroshima, and Monja is Tokyo food.
I think it is interesting.
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delicious foods 2008/2/6 19:02
Speaking of sushi is Tsukiji market! In an early morning, a lot of foods shop are there.
Tsukishima is known for monja!
Both Tsukiji and Tsukishima can go by the Oedo subway line.
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ryokan 2008/2/8 04:30
Maybe arrange an overnight trip out of Tokyo and stay at a good ryokan.

All the food styles you mention are of course very Japanese (i.e. different to Western food), and your guests will no doubt love them, but a good kaiseki meal is a wonderful thing, another level
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. 2008/2/8 11:22
I don't think Okonomiyaki is as easily accessible in Tokyo as some other foods mentioned. They're more of a Kansai Osaka fast food?

You can get them in Tokyo but they won't appear on every street. May be every 5th block you might see a shop selling them!
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Okonomiyaki, where? 2008/5/7 11:46
I'm keen to know where in Tokyo can you find Okonomiyaki, particularly the DIY type. I've never seen these in Tokyo before though I've tried specifically looking for them.
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there are few shops.. 2008/5/7 13:32
of the DIY type, and a LOT of the non-DIY type. I think that any Japanese food search engine will show up tons of them, last time I tried it in my neighbourhood (Shimokitazawa) it came up with bunch of places, and at least two of them were not bad.

Sorry about lack of links, but I feel lazy, and do not feel like advocating any particular place :)
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Monja & Okonomiyaki 2008/6/7 03:20
All the monja places I have been to in Tsukishima has okonomiyaki as well. It is not just an Osaka food. Everyone eats it. It just originated from Osaka.
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okonomiyaki 2008/6/7 03:23
Here's all 36 of them on gnavi

of course, there are more than 36 in Tokyo, but at least these ones you know there would be an English menu at least
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Tokyo Restaruants 2008/6/14 06:12
I am a huge food lover to and i have done the food thing in Tokyo. I put a lot of effort into research and found something great places for good prices..

1. Sushi: Go to Sushi Dai at Tsukiji fish market. 3780 Yen for the omakase set. Best sushi ever. The difference compared to a place like Sushi Mizutani (3 Michelin Star) is very very small. Line is long but worth it. Also, Tsukiji is great place to pick up food/kitchen items. (If you are into cooking, get some knives. Japanese knives are wonderful.

2. Tempura: I went to Tsunahachi Rin in Shinjuku. It upstairs in a department store. Also, heard good things about Ten ichi.

3. Izakaya: Great place to hang for good food and drinks at night. Tengu is a good cheap place to go.

4. Kobe Beef: Must have! If you can splurge on one thing, this is it. A good cheap place to go is Satou Steakhouse in Kichijoji for lunch. The A5 Wagyu set lunch is 5700 Yen and it is still one of the most memorable meals ever.

5. Kaiseki: If you really have a nice budget, this is an excellent experience. Kaiseki really encapsulates the Japanese culture in a meal.

6. Ramen: Menya Kissou in Koto district. Highest rated ramen place on tabelog.com, #1 user rated restaurant site in Japan. Please note its only open for lunch for 11:00 to 2:00. There is also Ramen stadium in Yokohoma, which has like 8 of the Japan's finest Ramen restaurant in one Food Museum.

7. Yakitori/Okonomiyaki/Takoyaki/ Oden: Japan is great for street food, so don't forget to pick up snacks on the go.

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Good website for Japanese food 2008/6/25 04:23
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Good Sushi Restaurant 2008/7/11 15:41
Hello. I'm working at sushi restaurant, Eitaro in Ueno, Tokyo. I really recommend this restaurant because we believe you can enjoy our tasty cuisines. Please drop in:
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Best japanese food in Tokyo! 2009/11/25 16:56
Hi Where to eat the best food in Tokyo ?Where to go?Please advice,we will be going to Tokyo on31-12-09 until 5-1-10 ( 5 of us).We are ataying in Shinjuku Listed hotel.Thank you
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Okinomiyaki 2009/11/26 10:17
For okinomiyaki you could try going to Asakusa, for both sight seeing and good DIY okinomiyaki
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