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Kodo drummers 2008/2/4 09:52
Has anyone seen the Kodo drummers live in concert? I have a CD of them, and they sound awesome. I'm attending a concert of the Kodo drummers on 05/02/08 in Manchester, England.

Has anyone else seen the Kodo drummers either in Europe or America; or in Japan?

by johnrocco  

Kodo 2008/2/5 12:34
The concert will make you really understand the meaning of "heartbeat" - you will feel it in your whole body.

I have been lucky enough to see Kodo in Canada 4 or 5 times (the first time was in 1985!). And this past summer I attended all three nights of Earth Celebration in Japan. It was incredible.

Have fun! I am jealous as there doesn't seem to be a North American tour in 2008.

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Concert 2008/2/5 17:33
I've been lucky to see them in concert twice, in my small British town of Basingstoke.

I hope you enjoy the performance today, I am certain you will be left stunned and very impressed.

Wow, I'm even wearing my Kodo shirt as I'm typing this, haha.
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Awesome Taiko show 2008/2/6 08:32
I've just returned home after seeing the Kodo (heartbeat) Drummers here in sunny Manchester, England.

The show was absolutely superb, full of energy and power; forging new directions for a vibrant living art-form. I was 5 rows from the stage so I could "feel" the music as well as hear it. The performers are very talented and very fit. Beating the big drums is really hard work.

The Kodo Drummers are touring Europe until March, then Japan in May and June. I recommend seeing them.

Check out the website:

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i loved it 2008/2/8 21:39
It's definitely more fun watching it than just listening!! Big recommendation!
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Taiko Drumming 2008/2/10 18:59
I have seen Kodo Drummers preform in toronto about 5 times, as well as other taiko drumming troups like Yamagato they are amazing. Taiko drumming live in concert will amaze you and make you feel so alive. You will Love it.
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Question 2008/2/13 05:04
I live in the US and will be in tokyo during the month of May and wanted to attend the Kodo event on the 20th, is there a way to purchase tickets in advance? their ticking website is in japanese
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... 2008/2/25 11:24
I've seen Kodo 5 or 6 times and it's always been a treat. I highly recommend the Earth Celebration on Sado Island every August.

Anyway, I have their cd's and dvd's and seeing them (or any taiko performance for that matter) is worlds different and more impressive in person.

Kent B,
Try emailing them (you can find a contact email on their website here: http://www.kodo.or.jp) as they have English speaking staff that will respond to you.

Also, here's a post about Kodo (with pics) from this website:

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concert/show 2008/2/25 12:53
I bought and loved to listen to quite a few Kodo CDs, but that was before the first time I went to one of their concerts. After experiencing their shows, the CDs seem so blah in comparison that I now have no desire to listen to the CDs. When you see them live, you feel alive. If seems like the drumbeats become your heartbeat. If you have a chance to see them live, GO!!! You won't regret it!
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... 2008/2/25 13:06
If seems like the drumbeats become your heartbeat.

Interesting as one of the meanings of Kodo is heartbeat.
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