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Tokyo Dome baseball question 2008/2/5 01:09
Tokyo 23-ku
I have a ticket to the Red Sox vs. Oakland A's game in March. I've never been to Japan before.

If the game starts at 7 p.m. what time should I arrive at the Tokyo Dome?
by Wendysue22  

1hr... 2008/2/5 12:50
I'd suggest at least 1hr before if not more...queues in Japan and at Tokyo Dome are long. Suggest to maybe make a day of it, as there are plenty of things to do at Tokyo Dome. At Tokyo Dome there is an amusement park, as well as other things. And there is a great rollercoaster there if you're into that...Enjoy!
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Wow 2008/2/5 14:51
How did you get your ticket and how much did it cost?
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How I got my ticket... 2008/2/5 16:09
I am a member of the Red Sox Nation fan club - I received an email last week offering access to tickets for the 4 games at the Tokyo Dome. I am in the lower section (A), and with processing fees, my ticket cost me $204.
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Thanks 2008/2/6 16:03

Thanks for the info, i'll be in
Tokyo at the same time, was just wondering how affordable the tickets were. Enjoy the game!
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mlb japan series 2008/2/10 11:52
is anyone else catching any of the other games? I got my tickets for the Hanshin Tigers vs. Red Sox game on the 22nd. Looking forward to hanging out at the big tamago.
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red sox tix 2008/2/20 07:00
i have tickets for the games but will not be able to go due to work schedule. I dont want tickets to go to waste. Can anyone use them?
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Yes 2008/2/20 11:17
Oh yeah, I can use them, what do you want for them?
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Baseball games in May 2008/2/20 22:39
im hoping to get to the tokyo dome to watch a game in may but i cant find a fixture list. can someone let me knoe how much tickets are and where i can buy tickets.
thank you
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