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Opening a bank account 2008/2/6 20:06
What documents are needed to open a Japanese bank account for Japanese nationals? Thanks..
by Kim  

... 2008/2/7 11:35
See this site:
For Japanese nationals, car license card, Hokensyo (medical insurance card)and others are used as ID instead of Alien Registration Card.
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Alien Card 2008/2/7 16:12
I opened my account at Mitsubishi Bank with just my Alien Registration Card. Had to find a teller that spoke enough English to explain things to me, and I still haven't worked out the entire process for transferring money from the U.S. (Had to open two accts, one in Yen one in dollars, now to try transferring). For the initial opening just a bunch of signing paperwork and then waiting for the bank card in the mail.
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Sorry! 2008/2/7 16:14
Apologies, I misread your message , and I do not have the information you need regarding the process for a Japanese National.

Again, sorry about that.
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. 2008/2/7 20:32
Thanks guys. That link helped out.
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Mitsubishi (MUFJ) bank 2008/5/1 12:46
You didn't need an inkan (seal) to open the account? Which branch was that?
I went to MUFJ, Mizuho and Sumitomo in Takadanobaba, and they all said I needed an inkan.
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banks 2008/5/1 12:51
I have lived in Japan for 10 years and opened 4 bank accounts (Sumitomo, Tokyo-Mitsubishi and Shinsei) without ever having needed an inkan. Try at other branches like Shinjuku or Ebisu.

Shinsei is great because you can open an account online (you will be sent papers to sign and send back) and there is online banking in English. I have a Shinsei account but have never set foot inside a Shinsei branch. They don't charge for use of their ATMs on weekends or holidays either.
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banks, inkan and postal 2008/5/2 10:55
Thanks so much, Sira. I'll check out Shinsen and other banks in Shinjuku.
Folks without inkan seals, don't bother with Takadanobaba :)
If it's of interest to anyone, I'm asking this because my Postal Bank account (Yu-cho-) isn't accepted for house payments, refund transfers etc. :(
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. 2008/5/2 12:26
At Shinsei bank, the application sheet gives you an option to fill in a signature or a stamp.

At other banks might require stamps, others just signatures, somtimes depends on the person opening your account as well and how much experience they have in the rules.

Otherwise you can go up to Tokyu Hands or someplace and get a stamp made if you have an employer that makes you use a certain bank.
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