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Visa confuzzles 2008/2/7 21:38
yO ~ *!*

has anyone stayed in Japan with a ''work visa''.... while not actually working?

i'm an american with a 1-year visa currently living & teaching in Japan. My company will sponsor me for a 1-year Visa extension, but I will only be working for them for 2 weeks out of this new ''1-year Visa''. my company is aware of this, and will sponsor my Visa anyhow. After my contract finishes, am I legally safe to stay in Japan for the remaining 50 weeks of the year? I plan to study Japanese Language, and also seek out a new job...... perhaps not a full-time job.... i want to move to the 八重山 area of Okinawa ! ...... there aren't many language schools there..... if at all !

i'm also curious about getting a student or ''cultural'' visa.... but if i'll be safe with the ''specialist in humanities 1 year work visa'' , then -- why bother ?

なんくるないさーーー 多分。
by saruroo  

Visa 2008/2/8 13:04
It's fine. They don't check.

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No Problem 2008/2/8 22:19
Keep the visa you have and enjoy your stay, freedom at last :-)
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relax 2008/2/8 23:03
your new visa will be perfectly valid and gives you more freedom than any other type of visa (maybe apart from spouse visa etc).

by the way i just got back from ishigaki and there were a few small schools
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Visa confuzzles 2008/2/11 15:07
thanks you guys!

mucho appreciate your insights & reassurance *!*
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. 2008/2/11 15:19
You'll have two things in your passport, first you get a Visa from a Japanese Embassy/Consulate. Then when you arrive in Japan, the Immigration inspector stamps a "Landing Permission" into your passport. As long as your Landing Permission isn't expired you're fine.
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Its okay 2008/2/11 23:42
The important part is that the school has sponsered you for the Visa. As long as you have a sponser, it shouldn't be a problem at all.
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. 2008/2/12 05:42
Jason he has a work visa, as long as his status is valid he can go to school without a student visa.
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