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Ghibli Museum 2008/2/8 07:04
Tokyo 23-ku
I am looking to get Ghibli Museum passes through JTB, however they require a passport number. Has anyone got these passes through JTB and is it safe to give out your passport number?
by Oskar  

... 2008/2/8 08:43
JTB is Japan's largest travel agency. I doubt that they will be handling your passport number in an irresponsible way. What could they do with it anyway?
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my jtb experience 2008/2/8 08:53
I actually had a hard time with the JTB trying to get ghibli tickets. Eventually I gave up, and just picked them up at a Lawson's while I was in Tokyo. It was pretty easy really.
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JTB is the best way to go 2008/2/20 17:41
In Mitaka, close to the station there is a JTB office that will gladly help you get a ghibli museum ticket. I believe this is the easiest way for a foreinger, as the personell there has a lot of experience with foreingers: The moment I came in there last year, they asked me if I was here for the Ghibli museum. You fill in a form, lend them your passport and 2 minutes later you are all set ;).
You can find the JTB office on the right side of the shopping street straight ahead of you when you exit the station.
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