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Is there a chance? 2008/2/8 16:09
i overstay in japan for 2 years.and got caught by the immigration last Nov.8,2007.Now i am married to a japanese recently but im really scared because even if i get my visa here in my country there is a possible that i can't enter in japan..since my penalty is 5 years bann in japan..can i return to japan less than 2 years after i'm deported to my country?please i really need advice..
by maria  

... 2008/2/8 16:40
As you wrote yourself, you are banned from entering Japan for five years. I am afraid, marrying a Japanese national will not change the length of your ban.

Did you overstay a tourist visa?
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Over stayed 2008/2/8 17:11
I have a friend who overstayed 13 years in Japan, really, after he got married to a Japanese girl and applied for his spousal visa and he is back in Japan.

So, I would give it a try, there is nothing to be afraid of just do it and see what happens, worst case is they just say no.

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Check with Immigration 2008/2/8 17:13
I actually have heard of a spouse visa overriding a deportation ban, although Immigration obviously checks carefully that the marriage is a real one. The only people who can tell you for sure are the people at Japan Immigration.
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I also 2008/2/8 17:27
I have heard of it also (spouse visa overriding) and in my friends case this was true,
All though Immigration is supposed to check carefully in Japan many things fall through the cracks, I have found at lest,
If you got married in your own country and apply for a spousal visa in your own county chances are you will get it, and Japan here I come,
one last thing, apply for a new passport first before appling for your spousal visa, when you get to Japan the different #'s might confuse them :-) who knows it might work :-)

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to Uji 2008/2/9 12:54
yes i overstay in japan with a tourist visa..is there a complication in returning to japan?
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More information 2008/2/9 13:19
Maria please give us some more information,
- Where are you from?
- You said you are in your own country, is this correct?
- When you were in Japan you were single at the time?
- Where is your husband living now?

Anyway, first thing you need to do is apply for your spousal visa, very easy thing to do, and then see what happens, you are not doing anything wrong so don't worry so much.
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to steve 2008/2/9 13:49
thanks to you steve for all the advices..i am a filipino.jan.11 when i went to japan.i arrived at kansai kukou.my visa in that time is just 15 days can stay there.but since i am needing a job i decided to overstay there and moved to gunma ken to find job.there i worked and got caught by the immigration.after my 10 days in prison in shinagawa tokyo at last i have return in philippines..when i'm staying in japan that time i have a boyfriend which is my husband today..we just get married last january 2008.but before i went home the immigration ministry told me that i cant go back to japan in 5 years even if i marry my boyfriend..they cant tell me that they if i can go back but they told me that i can marry a japanese national for that is a freedom of anyone..i also have a friend same like my case but she didn't make it to return to japan..because japan immigration is implemented the new system of foreign fingerprinting system..just like in america..i am very confused and scared because even if my boyfriend and i were married i cant be with him if japan immigration not letting me to enter even i have legal documents because of my penalty of 5 years..
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Immigration's word is usually final 2008/2/9 14:53
Well, if Immigration told you that you can't return even if you get married, then I guess that is the case. You made the decision to overstay and work illegally, you got caught, and now you have to live with the results unfortunately. It doesn't seem like there is anything you can do but wait out your ban.

At least the ban is only 5 years, it could have been longer.

I wish you luck in the future.
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Keep Trying 2008/2/9 22:20
You sure did get yourself into a pinch and it might seem difficult to see a solution to your dilemma but the good thing is is that you are out of jail and back home.

You need to look at this in a different light, there is nothing to be afraid of all the Japanese immigration can do is just keep on denying you until your 5 years are up but donft let it stop you from trying, mined you you could lose money but here is what you can do.

First, apply for a new passport, (new passport, new number)

Secondly, apply for your spousal visa because with out it you cannot get into Japan anyway, get all the documents and go to the Japanese embassy and apply for you spousal visa, do it.

Thirdly, (know that maybe the Japanese embassy will or will not give you your spousal visa) but on the chance that you get your spousal visa all you have to do then is purchase an airline ticket to Japan, I recommend Osaka or Nagoya as entry not Narita and have your husband there to pick you up.

At this point Japanese immigration will let you in or not, this is the gamble it is up to you if you want to keep trying or just wait.

Hope that things fall through the cracks.

Good Luck
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Remember the fingerprinting... 2008/2/9 22:31
Because of the new fingerprinting system I doubt very much that getting a new passport or entering at a different airport would help at all- one of the reasons the system was implemented was to catch people who had been deported trying to enter in just the ways Steve describes.
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Like I said 2008/2/9 22:42
Just hope things fall through the cracks,
I did say it is a gamble,
Ooo, remember the retirement scandal the Japanese government lost thousands of records (steeling all that money), just gone unbelievable isn't it,@
As I said things in Japan have a way of falling through the cracks.
Ifm one to keep on trying, If one fails, try try again.
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... 2008/2/9 22:47
The new fingerprinting system was put into place because the good old USA told Japan to do it, that it, it's all about Terrorism.
Anyway it will be a good test for the system wouldn't it :-)
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What the system really works for 2008/2/10 09:02
I know the system was implemented ostensibly to prevent terrorism, but on just the first day they caught 9 people who had previously been deported trying to re-enter, so the odds don't look good. I don't think encouraging people to break the law is a good idea- look what happened to her last time she did it.
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... 2008/2/10 09:11
It is obvious that the fingerprinting system's major aim is to fight illegal immigration rather than "terrorism". The fingerprinting system seems to be working efficiently in denying entry to former visa overstayers, who are still on a ban. So even if your visa application falls through the cracks, there is a risk that you will still be refused entry at the airport.
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As said before 2008/2/10 09:34
At this point Japanese immigration will let you in or not, this is the gamble it is up to you if you want to keep trying or just wait.

Hope that things fall through the cracks.
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