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non-native Eng as a lg teacher in JP? 2008/2/10 06:17
I am myself from Poland and I study English. My school prepares students to become teachers. After I graduate I would like to go to Japan for some time to teach but all the job ads are looking for native English speakers. So is it possible for me to get such job in JP?
by Karolina  

Non-native Engklish teacher 2008/2/10 11:27

You might be able to get work teaching people privately (I know a Romanian guy that does this), but you won't be able to get full-time employment at a language school. If they want to hire a non-native English language teacher, there are millions of Japanese who will work for half the pay native English teachers get.
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just a thought 2008/2/10 16:10
Karolina, although as not as popular as English, there are quite a few Polish classes in language schools in Japan, and you probably have the chance to become one of the very few native Polish teachers.
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hmm 2008/2/10 23:12
thnx for your reaction.
Uco, do you know where on the net I can find informations about Pl classes in JP? Preferably in Engl :) or pl. Well teaching Polish is not what I wanted to do but I want to go to JP so hard :) Although I would have to learn Polish grammar myself as I have no idea about it :(
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