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Can you self-sponsor from home? 2008/2/11 20:31
I want to move back to Japan after several years away and I've been offered a part-time only teaching job by my old employer. Does anyone know if I can self-sponsor to get a wokring visa in this situation? Where could I find more info - my local consulate was very unhelpful.
by Bob  

... 2008/2/12 07:42
No, I am afraid, there is no work visa for the self employed.
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self-sponsorship, not self-emloyment 2008/2/12 08:10
Thanks for your reply, but I wouldn't be self-employed, my previous empoyer has offered me a part-time job.
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... 2008/2/12 09:03
Still you will need an employer to be your "visa sponsor." (The meaning of "visa sponsorship" is different from sponsoring in the sense of providing for a living.) And offering a part-time job is not enough as a sposor - your previous employer will need to employ you, with appropriate salary, with appropriate papers, and apply for your visa on your behalf, so that you can work for him.
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..? 2008/2/12 09:43
So it is possible to self-sponsor when you are already living in Japan, for example, when you want to renew a wokring visa - but it is not possible if you want to organise a working visa from your own country? What do freelancers do then?
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... 2008/2/12 09:54
When you want to have your visa renewed (or when your employer wants to renew your visa so that you can continue to work for them) the same procedure applies - the employer provides documents, etc.

Freelancers have other visa status granted - for example, so-called spouse visa (married to a Japanese national), or already on permanent resident status (prior to applying for this, you'd have been on employer-sponsored work-permitting visa for 10 years, or for 5 years if married to a Japanese national).
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