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WWOOF Japan 2008/2/11 21:39

I wasn't really sure where to put this so I hope I chose the right place.

Anyway i've been looking around and can't find an up to date similar post so i thought i'd ask.

Has anyone every gone to Japan through WWOOF Japan? I think it looks really interesting but I would like people who have done it to let me know if its as good as it looks.

So if anyone has any experience with this then please tell me about it, good or bad. I want to be prepared.


by Clare  

WWOOF Japan 2008/2/17 08:10
I spent 5 weeks in Japan over summer and went through WWOOF.
I found it really easy to do and everything went well.
They only give you information about the placements and the contact details and don't help you with sorting anything out, but it was really satisfying to arrange everything myself and fir it to all go well.
I would definately use them again!!
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