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Where can I find ramune in Virginia? 2008/2/12 07:02
I just attended a Japanese Festival in the Kennedy Center in D.C. and tried their ramune! And I love it! Where can I find it here in a store in VA???
by Julissa Mena  

. 2008/2/12 08:23
ramune the drink right?

You might want to try international/Asian super markets. Virginia is a big state, but there are many Asian supermarkets in the Northern Virginia area. However, they might not have it.

If you can make it to Baltimore or call this store in baltimore:
Edo Sushi
201 East Pratt Street, Suite 2075, Baltimore, MD, 21202
(410) 843-9804

According to their MSN restaurant description they have ramune as a drink, maybe you can call them up and ask where they get their supply for their store from?
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clarification 2008/2/13 08:20
Yeah. I was talking bout the drink. Sorry about that, I should have mentioned I was refering to the drink!
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Ramune 2008/3/1 05:47
Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with Virginia, but depending on where you are in that state, you might be able to get to a place here in Maryland that sells it.

If you're DC Metro accessible from the Virginia side, get to the red line and take it all the way to Twinbrook. From that station walk out to the main road (Rockville Pike? I think?) And turn left. You'll walk past a Best Buy on your right and a Country Club on your left. Shortly after the Country Club you'll see a shopping center with green and white signs. Many of the stores there are Japanese, including a cafe, bookstore, and the grocery store called Maruichi. They have GREAT prices and a huge variety of goods.

Obviously, if you can drive, this is going to be much easier to get to. (I have to take the Metro, personally.)

Aside from that, I know you can order cases online from stores like J Stuff. Even some of the regular chain grocery stores have been carrying it lately.

Good luck!
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ramune soda in va :D 2011/2/5 11:27
they sell ramune soda in world market stores but it is a limited selection only bout five flavors evan though there is really like 30 flavors but it is still so good when i found it there i was soo happy
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...~ 2011/2/5 15:21
Actually...~ There are a bit more that that! And flavors include curry, octopus, wasabi, mystery, etc! You can get pretty much all the flavors at a Tokyu Hands in Japan. But, most Asian markets have a small selection as well. I'm pretty sure there's a Super H Mart in VA near Fairfax.
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