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Budokan concert finishing times 2008/2/12 20:50
Tokyo 23-ku
I am going to see Bjork on th 19th feb at the Budokan in Tokyo.
I need to be in Kyoto the next day and was thinking of taking an overnight bus that night.
My question is when do concerts usually finish in Japan/Budokan.
I ask because my friend saw rage against the machine last week and the concert had finished by 9.
My ticket says show starts at 7 but in Australia that usually means that the support would start then and main bands dont usually start till after 9.

So... do you think i'd be able to make an 11pm bus after a concert at budokan?

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10pm the latest, but leave earlier 2008/2/13 10:15
All concerts in Japan that are arena-class or bigger usually end by 10 pm. I think there is a by-law or something to prevent late-night noise.

But due to the crowd, you often end up taking a very long time to exit the venue, and concert staff want to have everything organized and will have everyone following orders upon exiting. The crowd will also continue to the stations and on the trains, and you are likely to wait a train or two. Hardly any cabs will be available.

So to be on the safe side, leave the venue just before the performance ends. Also be sure you buy your return ticket to the bus terminal BEFORE the concert starts. After the concert, there will be long queues at the ticket vending machines.
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