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Tama University SGS 2008/2/12 21:30
Hey guys! This will be my first question here on japan guide - I have recently been accepted to Tama University's school of global studies in Shonandai.

Can anyone let me in on the area? From what I see in photographs, it looks like a fairly quiet suburb without much local malls.

As it's a new course at Tama University, it'd be fantastic if anyone here's heading to the same school as well! I'm pretty nervous already and would love to have a friend to share this with :-D

hope to hear from you soon!

(the School of Global studies conducts majors in English, and is a new course introduced in 2007)

by Estee  

. 2008/2/13 00:16
Hey first of all gratz getting in a japanese uni :D

i was wondering if that school has any bachelor programms conducted in english ive been looking for those for a while. (or u might know some since u probably looked for those before u decided where to study) pls let me know :D

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Reply to Marines89 2008/2/13 00:27
Hi Marines89! There are quite a number of schools that offer majors taught in English, Tama University SGS is one of them. THe rest are famous universities such as Waseda, Sophia and International Christian University all in Tokyo. Admission is reaaalllyy competitive and I dropped all plans to apply to these universities after a failed attempt at Waseda.

this link might help!

One thing I noticed about the above link is that they left out TUJ (Temple university japan). It's an American university in Tokyo :)
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. 2008/2/13 06:14
Thanks, just what i was looking for. I'll e-mail the Bachelor majors for more info. Yeah and i also cancelled all study plans i had so i could fully focus on these studies :)

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. 2008/2/13 06:16
And i think a uni in Tokyo or Osaka would be a bit to pricey for me hehe.

Ill stop intervening your topic now :D
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