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Spring festivals 2008, when/where? 2008/2/13 07:06
im in the middle of planning a trip to japan this spring ( late march-may) and are wondering if there is any site that lists when and where festivals are held?

Have found a few but are the dates right for 2008?
2 april archery tsuwano
5-6 april inuyama matsuri
5-6 april kagurai-sai matsuri ise
12-13 april Asano-gawa enyukai kanazawa
14-15 april sanno matsuri takayama
15 april fire walking rites miyajima
14-16 april nagahama hikiyama matsuri nagahama
19-20 april hadaka matsuri hida-furukawa

anyone know when the cherry blossom festival in Himeji will be this year?

are there any festival held at Kumamoto-jo, Matsuyama-jo, Matsumoto-jo and Hikone-jo during the spring?
totaly love these castles

In 2006 it was a really nice festival in Takahachi 23/4 with samurai clad people fireing blackpowder rifles. is that held every year?

i appriciate all info i can get

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... 2008/2/15 15:49
anyone know when the cherry blossom festival in Himeji will be this year?

Shiro no hi is held on April 6 (shi = 4 = April; ro = 6 = 6th).


The newly reconstructed main residence of Kumamoto Castle will be opened to the public on April 20 after years of construction work. If you are a castle fan, you might want to see the newly reconstructed part. It will be after the end of the cherry blossom season, though.


There is an annual castle festival in the first weekend of April.


There seem to be some celebrations during mid April.

Hikone-jo during the spring?

From April 1-20.

Many of these "cherry festivals" will feature little more than the actual enjoyment of the blossoms plus maybe some events, mainly on weekends.
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. 2008/2/16 07:34
thank you very much for the info.
found the castles to be the best places to enjoy the blossoms. Both Kumamoto and Matsuyama castles were under reconstruction when i visited last so im looking forward of seeing em complete

Shiro no hi is held on April 6 (shi = 4 = April; ro = 6 = 6th).

cool that the name dubs as the date :)
doesnt shiro also mean castle?
When i visited in 2006 it was actually on the 8/4. might have been cause the blossoms were late because of all the raining..
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... 2008/2/16 08:41
Yes, shiro means castle. Shiro no hi is alway on the 6th, but the main festivities (like koto performances, etc.) are usually held on the nearest weekend, I believe.
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