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Accommodation at Sophia University 2008/2/13 07:18

I will attend Sophia University starting from April 2008. Right now, I am trying to figure out for what kind of accommodation I should apply.
I checked the website about student halls, but I could not find any information about internet access in the rooms.
Does anyone have any advise about this?
Or comments on Sophia accommodation in general?
I am really not sure, what would be good. Probably I would go for a dorm and not for a host family/apartment mate.
by Melanie  

. 2008/2/13 12:27
I will be there one year after you, so I am very interested in any answers you may find! I am looking at homestay currently, but may still choose a dorm.

For the women's dorm it seems to have an "internet line" though

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Dorms 2008/2/13 15:01
Ah, okay^^

You are right about the internet. But about this dorm, I did not like the fact that they have a curfew and that you have to pay for meals there. I prefer cooking by myself or going out to eat.
I really don't know what to do, I am afraid, they will just put me somewhere.
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... 2008/2/13 15:37

Then the apparent choice for you would be to find yourself an aparment - no curfew, and you can cook yourself. Sophia university is very conveniently located, and relatively inexpensive apartments can be found not too far away. Along Chuo LIne, toward Nakano, Ogikubo area would do nicely. The university can help you find a place, I'm sure. If you are looking for a shared house/room rent style (the ones I've seen provide a room to yourself, with all other facilities such as bathroom, showers, and kitchen/lounge shared), then you could look for guest houses too.
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. 2008/2/14 02:09
It is a midnight curfew, which I assume they lock all the doors and turn on the security system, I don't think it means YOU HAVE to be in your room at midnight.
If you are out, it just means you are locked out.

Another thing you have to realize is, trains stop running at midnight as well, so if you're out at midnight and the trains stop running, its just cheaper to stay out all night then it is to catch a taxi (depending on where you are).

As for the meals, you don't have to eat their meals if you don't want to

Being a student money is always a factor.

Getting a private apartment can be quite expensive. Especially after going through the process of finding a guarantor, paying key money etc. So you find a place that is 60,000yen a month but you pay like 180,000 just to move in.

There are agencies out there that don't require things like that, but the prices range from close to 100,000++ a month in rent.
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Found 2008/3/10 16:43
Thanks for all your answers, I really appreciated the help.
It is kind of a miracle but I actually got a place in one of the private dorms of Sophia: the Azalea House. It is kind of expensive and a little bit far from the "center", but I still think it is okay.

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facebook: sophia uni class of 2012! 2008/4/23 12:37
hi all,
for those of you who know what FACEBOOK is (and i suspect a majority of you guys b/c facebook is pretty much taking over the world),
here is the facebook group especially for students who are enrolling in Sophia University as freshmans this autumn!


please join if you can so we can all chat up!
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P.S...... 2008/4/23 12:41
i have also applied and have been accepted to the summer session that sophia uni offers.
the point of my attending is b/c i want to get to know the school and its surroundings. plus, i have found the perfect outside-campus student dormitory that is only ONE train stop (not JR) from the school and will be moving in and staying @ there while im doing the summer session.

anyone else participating in this summer program as well? :)
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