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ojamashimasu 2008/2/13 07:59
When I enter the home of my Host Family for the first time should I say "ojamashimasu?" Also, should I use this phrase when going to a friends home as well? I was just wondering if it's a natural thing that the Japanese say.
by jbalsamo  

yes! 2008/2/13 12:50
You should say Ojamashimasu when you enter someone's house.
Well, you will stay at your hostfamily's house, so you don't need to say it after first day. Instead you should say "tadaima" means "I'm home!" when you enter house. (but you can always say ojamashimasu whenever you enter someone house)
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really? 2008/2/13 15:20
Now when exactly do you say ''Ojamashimasu''...like, right when you go through the door? haha sorry for the stupid gaijin questions. I just dont want to weird out my host family when i move to Tokyo
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o-sewa ni narimasu 2008/2/13 18:38
You can say "ojamashimasu" when entering the door, and you can say "ojamashimaSHITA" as you are going out the door to leave.

But when entering your host family's home for the first time, you can also say "o-sewa ni narimasu" instead, which literally means "I will be under your honorable care from now." And when leaving their home for good, you can say "o-sewa ni narimashita" with a good bow. Something you can say to anyone who is letting you stay for the night, including ryokan and friends' parents.
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thanks! 2008/2/14 00:50
I should probably start learning Japanese, since I've never taken a class in my life. I'm mostly learning all the phrases from watching anime everyday. I'll be taking language classes at the University in Kawagoe though, so hopefully after a couple months i'll start getting the hang of everything. arigato gozaimasu!
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Smile 2008/3/29 18:02
Just watch what others do. A lot of common phrases can be learned that way.
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