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Onsen Surveys: Singaporeans 2008/2/13 16:53
I have visited Japan several times, and am looking forward to my next visit. i am VERY curious about the Onsen survey - where Singaporeans were the only population that rated Haikado as their most favorite destination. Unlike Japanese and Westerners that rated Tokyo and Okasa (#1 and 2). Would love to hear from more Singaporeans!
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Snow? 2008/2/13 22:06
Am Singaporean. Been to Japan many times - last trip was in Dec 07. Never been to Hokkaido so can't say what is the main charm. But to hazard a guess, I believe that Singaporeans want to go to Hokkaido esp in December to catch the snow and to try skiing. (It's hot all year round in Singapore.) As for me, when I want snow and skiiing, I go to Nagano/Hakuba instead. But many Singaporeans ask me: "Nagano?" Few have heard of Nagano and Hakuba but almost all know Hokkaido. Singapore tour agencies also promote Hokkaido extensively from August onwards for advance bookings.
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tokyo instead of osaka 2008/2/14 01:47
came back fr osaka last week...for me, i stil prefer tokyo instead of osaka..can view some of te pic tat i took at universal studio..

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... 2008/2/14 02:20
I think it's because our main travelling period is in december and that's when Hokkaido is a popular place to see snow. And since onsen come with the tour package, most singaporeans will only experience onsens in hokkaido.

BTW, Uji, if u happen to read this thread, nice interface update in the travel section.
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toba/ise shima onsen 2008/2/15 12:37
I do like Hokkaido onsen. Toba/Ise shima is another place that I enjoyed its onsen and seafood.
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