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3 week Japan itinerary 2008/2/14 04:04
My husband loves all things Asian and I am trying to put a trip together for him/us that will be special.
we will arrive in Toyko on June 25 and leave from Tokyo on July 15.
Our temporary itinerary is as follows:
25-29 Tokyo with side trips to Nikko and Kamakura
29 Tokyo to Hakone (overnite)
30 Hakone to Takayama (overnite)
8/1 Takyama to Kyoyo
2,3 Kyotto
4,5 Nara
6,7 Mt Koya
8 Hiroshima (overnite)
9,10,11,12 Kyoto
13,14 Tokyo
15 Home
I would love your comments about my plan. Is it too ambitious, and is it realistic to assume tha twe can get from place to place as I have planned it here?
I am looking forward to your input so I can tweek this and make a special trip for us.
Our interests are vast, from gardens, art, arcihitecture (ancient and modern)
scenery, food etc.
If you can suggest places to stay along the way, that would be greatly appreciated also.
A thousand thanks in advance

by helaine  

... 2008/2/15 14:39
I cannot see any problem with your itinerary. I think it is good. Just note that you will be traveling during the rainy season:
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I think 2008/2/15 14:46
I think that you'd be better to spend 1 day in Osaka and 1 day in Nara. Firstly, you can see most of the interesting things in Nara in 1 day because it's very close together. Secondly after 2 days in Kyoto, you are in danger of overdosing on temples!! I'd have 2 days in Kyoto, then 1 day in Osaka to enjoy Modern Japan, then go to Nara. Osaka is a great city with plenty to do.
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Uji and Jonboy 2008/2/17 14:31
thanks for your responses.
I have jsut restuned from a business tripa dn wante to acknowledge your efforts. I will be back with more questions tomorrow.
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good itinerary 2008/2/17 17:03
The itinerary is ambitious but perfectly realistic. You could easily spend a couple of months traveling Japan, but it covers a good cross section of Japan. Keep in mind that Kyoto is a little over 2 hours from Tokyo via shinkansen (bullet train), you can cover a lot of ground. With a JR Rail Pass, you can cover a lot of ground.

If you spend time in Osaka, which is known for it's more friendly and upbeat environment, try Jinai-machi near Tondayabashi. It's an largely unkown well-preserved historical area that covers a lot of area.
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kyoto overdose 2008/2/18 06:42
i agree with some of the other comments, there's not THAT much to do in kyoto besides looking at temples, shrines, and parks. maybe extend your hiroshima trip to 2 days so you can do a day trip to miyajima and spend another day in hiroshima shinai (city).
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r accomodations in Takayama, Kanazawa 2008/2/18 06:58
thank you all for your comments. I am seriously considering cutting our time i Kyoto.
Can you help with accomodations in Takayama and Kanazawa?
We are considerig the Nagase in Takayama and are completely oppen for Kanazawa.
any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.
You have all been of so much help to me and i appreciate your time.
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