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I am wanting to visit Yakota Air Base. 2008/2/14 10:49
I cant find where Yakota Air Base is. I have checked the website but I cant seem to find a map. I am living near Shinjuku and want to see Yakota AB. Can anyone help me? I need to know the train to take to get there. Any help is greatly appretiated!
by Becky MacKenzie  

. 2008/2/15 09:24
It is spelled Yokota.

I'm not sure if you can just walk up to the base and them letting you in. In august they do open it to the public part of friendship days.

Anycase from Shinjuku you'd want to take the Chuo Line, some run onto the Ome Line, if not you have to connect to the Ome Line later on down.

The Air Base is located in the city of Fussa, so you'll want to get off at Fussa Station, where the base is some walk from the station, but I doubt it would be hard to find.

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ID 2008/2/15 12:10
Im sorry, I forgot to mention that I have a military ID. I can get on at any time.
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Directions to Yokota 2008/2/20 13:39
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