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drive to kinosaki or shirahama 2008/2/14 14:55
Need advice on driving to kinosaki or shirahama (from osaka). Which destination is easier? My brothers and I (4 of us) have rented a car in osaka and would like to go to some place this weekend. Thank you!
by saipan  

... 2008/2/15 14:14
The two drives are very comparable to each other in terms of length and "difficulty". Both destination cannot be reached entirely by expressways. Both are easy once you find your way out of Osaka.
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south or north 2008/2/15 14:36
I have never driven a car myself for going to both places (I went there by bus tour). But it is said as follows.
(Sorry, most of sites are written in Japanese)
1. Shirahamal
1)You can use free way (Hanwa-jidoushadouaԓ) to Nanki-TanabeIc.
They say that it will take 2hours from Matsubara JCT to Nanki-Tanabe. But you need mind that the road will be so congested in weekend.
2) There are many places to see. Scenery of Pacific Ocean, Adventure World, etceteras.
(It is not well-known there is Panda in Adventure World.)

2. Kinosaki
1) There are two ways to Kinosaki. Chugoku-jidoushadouԓ + Maizuru- jidoushadouߎԓor Bantan-renrakudoudAA.
And you need drive a car on route 9 and 312 after getting off free ways.
They say that it will take 3hours and 15minutes from Suitac to Kinosaki-onsen艷. In addition you need care about snowing and freezing of road. It is big problem for driving in this season. You might have to prepare snow tires.
2) I donft know exactly about these areas. I guess you will see mountains and snowing, and scenery of Sea of Japan.
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Thank you so much both of you 2008/2/16 11:11
I will try Kinosaki first. We're in the mood of having crabs in winter.
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driving tip 2008/2/16 21:12
Just came back from our driving holiday, you definitely need snow tyres which cost extra from car rental companies but it would be darn right dangerous to drive without them as there is quite a lot snow this year.
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