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Best Rail Ticket? 2008/2/14 19:32
Me and my friend are going to visit Japan in the middle of March for two weeks.
We will attend a weeding in Osaka. Osaka will be our base for several trips, we will go only for daytrips.

Day in March
17th - Arrival Tokio
18th - Tokio
19th - Tokio to Osaka
20th - Wedding in Osaka
21th - Osaka
22th&23th - journey with wedding party by bus, already booked
24th - Osaka to Kyoto
25th - Osaka to Kyoto
26th - Osaka to Nara
27th - Osaka to Kobe or Koya-san
28th - Osaka
29th - Osaka to Osaka Airport

I think for this the Japan Railpass will be to expensive. But what about the different passes for the Kansai area??

Hope somebody can help and give a good advice.

by Fabian  

. 2008/2/15 09:28
You don't need a Japan Railpass, a one way ticket from Tokyo to Osaka is cheap.

In Osaka looks like you're spending the vast majority of your time in Osaka, so no railpass is really necessary.

Travel to both Kobe and Kyoto is cheap with single fare tickets from Osaka, especially if you use the private railways other then JR.

Check out the Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe travel pages on Japan-guide for more precise fares.
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rail pass 2008/2/15 09:28
take a rail pass before you leave. It much cheaper then when you pay for train fares in japan itself. If you figure that a trainticket from tokyo to Osaka is more then you pay for a rail pass wich you can use every day
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. 2008/2/15 09:36
Erik, a JR Pass only makes sense if he made a round trip from Tokyo to Osaka, he is making a one way trip here, so a JR pass is not cheaper in this case.
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. 2008/2/15 09:53
I agree with John. No need to buy a JR pass in OP's case. One way Shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Osaka is 14,050 yen in a Nozomi reserved seat, 13,240 yen in an unreserved seat.

Judging from your itinerary, in Kansai point-to-point tickets will do. Using private railway Lines such as Hankyu, Hanshin, Keihan will be reasonable cost-wise.
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Thanks to you 2008/2/15 17:55
First thank you for your quick reply. You are right and we will take the train from Tokyo to Osaka only one way and the JR Railpass is not worth to buy.

Buuuuut, what about this Tickets for the Kansai Area you can find on this page(You have to find in this list the Kansai part):

Again thank you and hope somebody has experience with this one.
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